Mom’s Harvest Melody Quilt


Harvest Melody is another one of the unfinished quilts I inherited from my Mom. When I received the quilt the majority of the pattern pieces had already been cut out and some of the components had been stitched together.

Harvest Melody Quilt Pattern Pieces
Harvest Melody Quilt Pattern Pieces

Picking-up where my Mom had left off I finished assembling the remaining pieces to create the quilt top. The pattern was designed to include more than one border. Rather than attaching all of them I decided to only add one. I used left over fabrics to piece it together.

To quilt Harvest Melody I echoed around the leaves. A pattern of continuous square swirls was stitched in the border. For a binding I used a purple fabric. On the back is a fabric with multiple colored squares. Lucky for me I had this fabric in my stash which is always a bonus. Take a look!

Harvest Melody Quilt Top
Harvest Melody Quilt Top Closeup


Harvest Melody Quilt Backing

Before starting the process of completing this quilt I wasn’t particularly fond of it. The colors in the quilt as well as the pattern are not something I would be drawn to. I am, after all, an improv quilter at heart. However, I must say that my opinion of the quilt morphed dramatically after it was quilted. The designs created by the stitching added a layer of drama that greatly enhanced the quilt’s design. While still not one of my favorites, I am happy with it’s outcome and am honored to have it for my own.

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12 thoughts on “Mom’s Harvest Melody Quilt

  1. I think the quilt is wonderful and I am glad it grew on you. Of course another set of excellent photos – so great that I could sense the texture of the quilt/quilting looking at the photos! The quilt came out great, congrats!

    1. Oh my! Thank you SO much! The quilting took a really lonnnnng time and at times I questioned my sanity for approaching it with so much detail. But as I started to see the overall impact it made the effort seem worth it. You’ve made my day! ❤️

  2. It’s a great looking quilt, and I do like it a lot. The quilting really makes a difference, too, but I think you’ve created quite a beauty there. One border, that border, seems absolutely the right thing for the leaves. It’s kind of fun to finish someone else’s project. It’s always something I wouldn’t have chosen myself, so it stretches me. I like improv, maybe because it’s another form of scrappy. =) I still go toward traditional, but I enjoy mixing it up sometimes.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I am not an improv quilter at heart, and thus I love this quilt! I love the fabrics used in all the leaves and especially the border. Your change to only one border is just perfect if you ask me. Much better than the pattern. And I agree that your quilting has definitely improved upon the overall effect! The echoing of the leaves and squares in the borders was just the perfect choice. I would love to own this – in fact, my UFO project of leaves may resemble this. I can’t recall – LOL. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, I totally understand! Most people don’t like improv quilts and don’t recognize them as quilts. In fact the reaction they receive is often downright mean. But that’s ok. No hard feelings. I’m glad that you like it. Thank you for your comment and your very kind words. 🙂

      1. Cindy,
        I’m not against improv at all! I love that you love it, and you have opened my eyes to their value and beauty. No need for meanness in quilting – different strokes is what I say. It makes life interesting and a patchwork. ~smile~ Roseanne

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