A QAL Project For Me, Day 3


I’m so excited to share more of my Mystery QAL adventures. I’m using Cindy Grisdela’s book  titled Artful Improv: Explore Color Recipes, Building Blocks & Free-Motion Quilting as a reference. This is Day 3!

A Diary

As you can see from the photo above, by the time Day 3 rolled around I had started keeping notes on my progress. I don’t always immediately share my projects on my blog; without notes and photos I would have a hard time remembering what I did on any given day. Writing about my progress gives me a wonderful opportunity to document my art pieces; to record part of my own history.

These posts are a great place for me to refer back to. I can revisit them at anytime to analyze my outcomes and learn from my disappointments; one could say this is my public diary.

I chose to write my notes on recycled paper. I buy my batting by the roll. As the material unfurls a continuous feed of brown paper accumulates. Rather than toss the paper into a re-cycle bin I roll it up and save it for future use.

When I decided to begin taking notes I thought it would be fun to use the saved paper. So, that’s why you will be seeing most of my notes written on the brown paper. Now back to Day 3.

Day 3 of my Mystery QAL Project

Day 3

Shared above is a photo of my design wall at the end of Day 3. The board saw many, many versions before I called it a day. The most noticeable changes are the eight filler fabrics I decided to audition. There is one in the top left corner. Just to the right of that is a lime green piece under one of my angled blocks and there is another bright green fabric resting beneath a severed strip from one my angled pieces blocks. I’ll let you find the other five. Also new on the board is three additional improv circle blocks, and a few new angled strip blocks.

Each one of the new additions helped to reinvent my evolving art piece. I was very happy with my progress and so thrilled with the color combinations.

Before we continue lets talk a little bit about the improv circle blocks. The improv circle blocks have turned out to be one of my new-found favorite techniques. I’m so amazed at how four squares of differently colored fabrics can be turned into such interesting designs.

I don’t know why I haven’t thought about using this method to create such interesting circles. Maybe it’s because my focus typically is directed toward angular lines rather than curves. Both, meaning circles and curved lines, if not repeated adequately throughout an original art piece could demand all of the eye’s attention. Typically that is not an artist’s desired outcome. But oh how much impact they can have when used properly.

In the quilt pattern world there are many beautiful quilt blocks. Some of the blocks are labor intensive. In contrast, with the wonky circles it takes relatively very little time to turn squares of fabric into an abstract design. This abstract design adds just as much punch, in my eyes. 🙂 Of course you could say my opinion is ever so slightly slanted toward the abstract direction. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong…I think quilts created from patterns, with specific intended dimensions demand just as much praise as my wonky creations. I just happen to prefer abstract art. Moving on!

Well, that’s it for today! Time to ponder my next moves.

Thank You

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me! I love receiving your comments and interacting with you. Your participation makes this journey more interesting than you could ever imagine. I look forward to each of our visits. 🙂

Talk with you soon!


17 thoughts on “A QAL Project For Me, Day 3

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Journaling your process, experimentation and thoughts is just fabulous. And talk about the ultimate upcycling – I love the reuse of the brown paper. Hmm. I get a roll of batting too but it seems like my paper has writing on both sides. I’ll have to check it now next time. I like the addition of your improv circle blocks but I am always drawn to those angled lines. They just speak to me. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, it was a fun process! Oh the possibilities! Maybe you have been throwing out useable paper all this time! LOL! Me too! I am a lines gal but but I try to stretch myself. 🙃 How is your foot!

  2. Oh! I feel the same about my blog posts, it’s an on-line diary of my projects! What a fun brown paper journaling project you started too AND in your handwriting. I love reading my grandmother’s notes and old letters. Especially her recipes! I’m not usually drawn to abstract art, but your quilt is so appealing. I found a crochet pattern that has an abstract design and I think that might just be my next crochet project. Always have to keep my hands busy!

    1. I made the decision to journal my progress. The older I get the harder it is to recall a lot of details. I want my posts to have substance, personality, depth and sometimes that’s hard to do without notes. I saw the paper in my cubby and thought how fun it would be to use it. Besides, I’m a photo nut so why not take photos of my notes. LOL!! Who does that?!?! 🤣 I like seeing the handwriting of my family members too. Too bad so much of today’s communication is electronic. Abstract art is definitely not for everyone. I appreciate your willingness to read my posts even though you are not drawn to my style. So nice that we have so many art styles to choose from. 😊

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