Do You Ever?

Do You Ever?

Do you ever come across fabric combinations, while searching for a specific project, that just seem to be meant for one-another? So often I get sidetracked during those expeditions by accidental piles that grab my attention. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you!

I’ve had this happy accident occur on more that one occasion. Shown above, on the left, is a grouping of fabrics I stumbled upon a while ago. Those fabrics eventually became Crossroads, Art Piece # 22 (pictured on the right).

Candidates # 1 and # 2

While scrounging through my fabric scraps recently, these two piles of fabric caught my eye.

The grouping on the left I’ve named A Dark, A Medium and A Light. At the bottom of the pile is a grouping of blocks I had previously stitched together. They were part of an assignment I had during my Rayna Gillman class in May of 2016.

To teach us how to analyze our art pieces for their light, medium and dark tones Rayna gave us an assignment. The assignment was limited to no more than four colors. Each color had to be analyzed for its color value. Within those four colors we needed a light, a medium and a dark. I chose yellow, white, red and green for mine.

Ever since that class my piece has been sitting in my unfinished pile. When I came across the above fabrics I just knew I had to find that neglected art piece and add it to the family. I can’t wait to see what I can create with this grouping.

Blue, Green and Yellow

The small grouping of blues, greens and yellows are the other candidates I’ve singled out. One can only imagine what this pairing will look like when it is finished.

What If Moments

Well, there’s my peak at the possibilities for two more art pieces. These what if moments are the sparks that keep my journey exciting! I can’t wait to see where my imagination will lead me.

Thank YOU

Thank YOU so much for allowing me to share my daydreams! Your participation makes these adventure even more interesting.

Talk with you soon!



9 thoughts on “Do You Ever?

  1. Oh, yes, I ever! Sometimes it’s part of a bundle I won and have only used one or two. Sometimes it’s a whole collection of things that I simply forgot I had. I think one of the reasons things sit in forgotten piles for so long is that there are so many possibilities. It’s wide open until we narrow down the field, and quilters like possibilities!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I often do that, not so much in my stash but rather in a quilt/fabric shop. They often have their fabrics displayed by line, which of course coordinate. But sometimes a piece strikes me when I happen upon another piece matches it from across the room. I then have to backtrack and see how they play together. That’s what keeps us quilting and sewing, I think. All those endless possibilities with pretty fabrics. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, that’s right! All those endless possibilities. I’m known for shopping and unshopping at the fabric store. I see all those possibilities, pick them up, carry them around and then often one-by-one put them back. 🤣 I get the entertainment of day dreaming for free! 😍

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