A QAL Project For Me, Day 7


Here we are again in my studio. As you can see from the above photo I am about to start Day 7. This journey started with the selection of a mystery fabric. Next I chose a variety of fabrics to compliment the star. From a neatly stacked pile of fabrics an amazing original art piece has been slowly revealing its beauty.

Mystery QAL_Fabrics
Mystery QAL Fabrics

When we parted company on Day 6 my original art piece looked like this.

Mystery QAL Day 6, Design Wall

Lets take a look at the progress I made on Day 7.

Day 7

My original art piece, as seen above, had areas that needed filling. Rather than plug those with solid colored fabrics I decided to fill them with new ones. During the process of creating art I often have leftover bits and pieces. Some of them have a blemish here or there that made them unusable. Just because they didn’t work for the current situation doesn’t mean they couldn’t be used in the future. Those pieces are stockpiled in a basket for future use.

Mystery QAL Day 7, Parts Department

Here are a few of the specimens that make up the parts department. The wonky circle fragments landed in the basket because they didn’t turn out as planned. You can see that one of them has a very obvious pucker.

To start my new blocks I decided to use some of those misfit parts. Shown below is one of my recent blocks made from leftovers.

Mystery QAL Day 7, From Parts to a New Block

Look closely and you should be able to figure out which parts were used in the above block.


Here’s another block that resulted from leftover pieces.

Many Changes

My design wall saw many changes on Day 7. Lets discover what they were by comparing the end-of-day photos from both Day 6 and Day 7.


A side-by-side comparison reveals the addition of borders to two blocks, one block was rotated and three new blocks joined the party. Can you locate the blocks I am referring to?

Color Value

Now lets take a look at how I’m doing with my color values. Below are Day 6 and 7’s end-of-day photos in mono tone.



I think I’m making progress in the area of distributing light, medium and dark tones. The Day 7 photo looks much more balanced. While there are improvements yet to be made I am very pleased with the progress of my original art piece.

Thank You!

This has been quite the adventure. Getting from Day 1 to the finish takes a lot of patience. With so much accomplished I still have a long way go.  You are such a gem for following along on my journey! I greatly appreciate your willingness to stick with me. I look forward to our next visit when I will once again address the status of my original art piece.

Talk with you soon!



13 thoughts on “A QAL Project For Me, Day 7

  1. I went through and found the changes – like those puzzles in the newspaper to find differences between two pictures! It is surprising how much difference just turning a block can make. It’s looking really great! I think there are two rotated blocks, but one of them did acquire a new border, too.

      1. I find process to be very interesting. Things are often done differently than I would do them, but it always adds to my store of knowledge and teaches me something to see how others do things. I really appreciate your doing these posts!

      2. Well, that makes me smile! Sometimes I wonder if my readers really care about what I’m sharing. So often my posts receive very little reaction. Your comment makes this post worthwhile. Thank You! 🙂

      3. Oh, I think that people read and love what you write, but not everyone knows what to say. What you do is different from what a lot of quilters do, and some people probably just get lost in admiration. I, however, never let anything stop me from having an opinion. LOL

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I love that new block with the eggplant background! It reminds me of a red sky at dawn, sailors take warning kind of storm approaching. You are doing a great job at balancing the lights/mediums/darks. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, I really like the colors in that block too! They are so rich and inviting. Thank YOU for sharing your insight and for your very sweet compliment. I enjoy hearing from you and reading your comments. 😬

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