A QAL Project For Me, Day 11


It’s so hard to imagine that I have been at this for eleven days! The process has been both invigorating and grueling all at the same time. Analyzing and rethinking my design is the grueling part. By that I don’t mean it’s a negative feeling. No, it is the feeling of mental exhaustion. The hours away from my studio help to replenish my energy and clear my mind. This temporary respite provides the invigoration that I feel when I once again return.

Time to examine today’s accomplishments!

Day 11

While critiquing yesterday’s accomplishments I thought I saw a few areas in my design that needed filling. My goal today was to create a couple more blocks to close in those areas.

To make those blocks I pulled scraps from my baskets. The color schemes chosen were selected to compliment the designated areas. The photos above show some of the items I chose as well as progress that I made.

When deciding on the colors and patterns that I will use, I try to make certain I repeat them at least three times throughout my piece. This technique helps to spread the visual impact of the fabric to multiple areas.

My Goal

The four principals of

  • color,
  • pattern (circles, lines, flowers, etc.),
  • value (light, medium and dark) and
  • orientation (landscape vs. portrait),

when in balance, are what make a

  • well-rounded,
  • eye-pleasing

composition. Meeting those four goals was my plan at the start of this original art piece. I  hope that I can say that I achieved that goal when I finish this piece.

Another Look

My post today would’t be complete without the daily analysis process. Time to pull those photos together to take a look.


Above is my color photo analysis. A careful examination of the two days I believe shows the achievement of three things

  1. the successful addition of new blocks
  2. a more interesting display of color, and
  3. a good mix of landscape and portrait blocks.

Next I want to assess my color values.


I think things are looking pretty good and it’s safe to say that there’s not much that I would change.

Thank You!

This brings to a close another day in this adventure. I believe it is safe to say that the end is just around the corner. Thank YOU so much for putting up with my ramblings! You know that I don’t say that just to see my words in print. I really do look forward to and appreciate your visits. I know your time is just as valuable as mine and I am honored that you have chosen to share it with me.

Talk with you again soon!




11 thoughts on “A QAL Project For Me, Day 11

  1. It’s been great to follow your process, and I appreciate your sharing the steps from beginning to end. I am far less willing to change things than you are, and would probably not be terribly successful in making a quilt of this type, but I really enjoy watching you do it. =)

      1. Well, I did try your b & w way of arranging blocks, but with a limited number of blocks, it is not as successful as what you are doing. Still, it was an interesting thing to do. =)

  2. You must be having so much fun! I bet you get addicted to improvisational quilting – and I bet your mind if coming up with ideas faster than you can sew them together (been there!) 🙂

    1. So TRUE! I am having a blast. I am also very ADDICTED! My mind just keeps racing with ideas. I could spend everyday creating something wild and new. If Only! I have no doubt that you have been there! 😬 💃

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I would say you are there! It’s amazing how much color dense the bottom was a few days ago, and you have spread that all around now. Amazing and good job! ~smile~ Roseanne

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