A QAL Project For Me, Day 12


To paraphrase my thought above…Woohoo! 🙂

If you didn’t or don’t want to read it, let me just say that the efforts of the last 12 days finally produced an original art piece that I was satisfied with. This meant it was time to start piecing my jigsaw together! Although I didn’t share it in my last post, before ending my day I did start strategically stitching blocks together. Not too much progress was made though.

Mystery-QAL Day 11, Upside-down Blocks


Day 12

Before starting today’s activities I took time to evaluate the photos from yesterday. As I let my eyes drift across the stitched-together blocks I discovered an issue. Two of my blocks had been sewn together upside down.

Mystery QAL Day 12, Block Adjustments

The above photo shows the three blocks that had been stitched to one-another. If I hadn’t found this problems it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. I’m sure, with time, I would have eventually forgotten about the mishap. Since I saw the mistake I just had to fix it.


A Jigsaw Puzzle

One-by-one I stitched the remaining blocks together. The experience of  joining the pieces was unlike anything I’ve done before. I didn’t have blocks in straight rows that all had the same measurement. Each block was different in size; just like with a jigsaw puzzle. It would have been nice to be able to start at the top and move across or down a row but that just wasn’t going to work.

Some of the blocks had to be temporarily assembled with partial seams. Once the neighboring blocks were ready to be added with those I could close the seams. A few areas filler strips. I used a solid light blue fabric to fill them in. The light blue fabric makes some of the blocks look like they are floating.

Mystery QAL Day 12, All Stitched Together

The above photo shows my original art piece all stitched together.

Simply Amazing!

Watching my original art piece come together was so exciting. I had been so accustomed to seeing the blocks as individual units. As they were brought together into one cohesive piece I could hardly contain my approval. To say that I was over-the-moon excited would be putting it mildly!

Assembling my jigsaw puzzle took all day to complete. With this step finally finished it was time to contemplate quilting. That decision was better left for another day.

Thank You!

You have been so faithful at following along on this journey! I’m grateful for the dedication that you have shown through your continued visits and the sharing of your comments. For your continued support I say Thank YOU!

Talk with you soon!


17 thoughts on “A QAL Project For Me, Day 12

  1. This is a great finish, looking very different from the original. I look forward to seeing the quilting that you’ve decided to do on it.

  2. My favorite block is number 3 at the top with the skinny pointy spire on a desert background surrounded by yellow. I think it is block 3 anyway. It could be block four if I count the little tiny piece at number 2 I guess.

      1. I think so too. I like looking at all the shapes. There are some cool purple triangles also that caught my eye. Just cool shapes all around. Very nice job.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Yay! You got it all together. That looks and sounds like it was very complicated to sew together. I can’t wait to see how you quilt it now. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, It was complicated but fun to sew together. You won’t have to wait too long to see the finished quilt. Thanks for your comment. I always look forward to what you will have to say. How’s your foot doing?


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      1. Aww, Cindy! You are sweet! My foot is doing great – I just have to keep up the stretching. That reminds me . . . ~smile~ Roseanne

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