At An Angle, AP # 34

My Final Mystery QAL Reveal

I’ve had such a great time participating in the Mystery QAL. Through this experience I have had the opportunity to delve into and create several new original art pieces. So far I have shared three of them. Today I will reveal the 34th addition to my portfolio. This newest piece is my official entry for the Mystery QAL. I have called the original art piece At An Angle, AP # 34.

The Origin

At An Angle is actually not new to you. I began sharing glimpses of its existence way back on Day One of this series. Below are two of the photos I shared along the way.

The original block was not designed to stand-alone. My initial intent was to incorporate it into a much larger piece. As that quilt evolved it became apparent that At An Angle was too much of an attention grabber. Trying to make it blend in proved to be a challenge. The piece had so much character it deserved to stand in the spotlight all by itself.

The Plan

Once I decided to make At An Angle a separate piece I started making plans to finish it. The art quilt was sandwiched with a layer of Warm & Natural batting along with a soft, neutral toned backing. The backing was pulled from a kit I had purchased quite some time ago.

The fabric in the bottom right corner was the item that reeled me in. At the time I thought it was too pretty to pass up. Now, who buys an expensive kit just because of one fabric? Well, me of course! After sitting on my shelf for many months I decided I was never going to actually make the project. Rather than abandon the fabrics I chose to pull them from the box and add them to my stash.

The Quilting

Once the quilt sandwich was assembled I had to make a plan for it’s quilting. Looking at the art piece I could see the movement created by the blue inserts. I was also drawn to the curvy lines of the added top and bottom sections. Those curving lines are what ultimately inspired me to quilt my piece by echoing them. Using a variegated King Tut thread I stitched swaying lines all over my piece.

The Reveal

To finish At An Angle, which measures 14” x 20 1/2” I added facings to encase the raw edges of the quilt, a hanging sleeve and a label. This is how my piece looked when I was done.

At An Angle, AP # 34
At An Angle, AP # 34
At An Angle, AP # 34 Back
At An Angle, AP # 34 Back

I am very thrilled with the final appearance of my original art piece. At An Angle will make a great addition to my inventory.

Thats A Wrap

This post brings to a close my Mystery QAL, multi-part series. I hope you have enjoyed following along. Time now to set my sights on a new project. Before I go let me share links to the other posts in my series.

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here and for sharing your thoughts! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the interaction we are able to have through your comments.


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  1. Ah another post with more photos to make me swoon! So much color and overall yumminess! (Of course I am starting suspect that you are not sleeping, just 24 hour improv designing, piecing and quilting!) 🙂

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