Aren’t We Something!

A Little bit of humor for today!

We quilter’s are something else.

We buy fabric in whole pieces from our favorite vendors. Then we take it home, or open the delivery package (whatever the case may be), cut it up and stitch it back together. This process creates scraps. Being the conservationists that we are we stitch those scraps into bigger pieces. Those pieces are stitched and trimmed some more; which creates even more scraps. It’s a never ending cycle.

Almost makes one think we could just buy scraps to begin with. Oh but wait…some of us already do that. 😬

Just a thought!

Cindy Anderson
Cindy Anderson

16 thoughts on “Aren’t We Something!

  1. My husband teased me about that for years. 40+ years, actually, while he went on making quilting frames for me, buying fabric in which to wrap my presents for any occasion, stopping at quilt stores when we traveled – ones he usually found, not me! He definitely aided and abetted my quilting habits! And yes, I might have been guilty of buying a few hundred scrap bags along the way, too! I might have become a scrap quilter out of self-preservation. =)

  2. Hmmm, I do not know anyone who is into fabric scraps but maybe there are people like that out there – ha! 🙂
    Enjoyed this post – you are right – we are a strange bunch but I would not have any other hobby 🙂

    1. You are absolutely correct! I understand that you will be joining our second Mystery QAL. If I were to add you name to our list of participants what website address should I include? 🙂

  3. I’ve often thought of how funny it must seem to other people as I am cutting up perfectly good material to sew it back together again,LOL

  4. Still laughing! I love scraps! You are right of course that the collection, storage and use of scraps makes MORE scraps. I find that with string quilting. I took 5 bins of scraps sorted by color, to a quilt guild class last month. The ladies went nuts! I do the 2nd Time Around table and in May I am bringing the Scraps again, to sell …..and they will buy! 🙂 The guild benefits, and the quilters find “new” old stuff!

      1. And I wonder how often people buy their own scraps, but don’t recognize them! LOL

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