#The100 DayProject, Week One

Last week I made the announcement that I would be combining the IG #the100dayproject with the personal challenge I set for myself late in 2017. The goal was to navigate through Tula Pink’s 100 Modern Quilt Blocks during 2018.

100 Blocks_Master

Week One of the #the100dayproject on Instagram ended on April 9, 2018.  With the first week behind me I thought it would be fun to share the blocks I’ve made so far. I am very happy to report that I was successful in making all seven of the daily postings/blocks. Shown below is a pictorial diary of my blocks.

Now that I have the first seven blocks under my belt I only have 93 more to go. 🙂 Doesn’t sound like much to celebrate but I’d rather it be that way than zero blocks finished.

While I relish in the progress I made on my personal challenge I also feel the need to make a confession. Participating in the 100 day project on IG seemed like a great way to get my 100 Block challenge off the ground. For the most part I enjoyed making the daily posts, which essentially killed two birds with one stone (#the100day project and my personal 100 Block goal). Who doesn’t like to accomplish two tasks at once!

But…last night I was thinking about the IG group project. While I had fun meeting the daily challenge I felt like it was taking the fun out of my goal. My initial intention was not to see how fast I could power through the book. Making all 100 blocks was meant to be an enjoyable experience, not just a task to check off on a to-do list. I have had fun making the blocks; so much so that I already have pulled fabrics for the next 34.

I intend to press on to finish making the remaining 93 blocks but I’m not going to do it under the pressure of #the100dayproject. I’m going to make them because I want to and I’m going to make them at my own pace. So there! 🙂

Thank you for sharing in my excitement! Talk with you soon!


19 thoughts on “#The100 DayProject, Week One

  1. Yay! She did it HER way! =) I think you’re absolutely right. If that isn’t your thing and it isn’t so much fun any more, then why do it? We have to do enough things already that aren’t any fun!

  2. Wow I am so envious! I have my fabric all set aside for the 100 Blocks. I did not officially sign up for the challenge but I wanted to do it too. I will have a lot of catch up when I get to it. Darn this full time work thing!

  3. Good decision. The only reason to use the 100 day project is as a motivator to do something you already wanted to do. If you will do it without that as the spur, there is nothing lost. At this point, I’m looking at the 100 days as something very similar to a semester of work. (100/7 is about 14 weeks, or a semester without finals.) I’m not as concerned about posting on Instagram each day as I am on spending time each day really chewing on the work. That might be on my Green Man or on fabrics or techniques or watching videos or browsing through my books. Not all of those things are IG-photo-friendly. That’s totally okay. I will post when I have something visual. And I know there are big interruptions coming, even with that. Still totally okay. I get to define my own challenge, just as you do! 🙂

    All that said, I’m glad you’re having fun with your project. That’s the key, in my opinion!

    1. Melanie, I totally agree. The motivation aspect is wonderful. I’m actually way ahead with the making of my blocks. I’m having fun and so thrilled with my progress. I wish you all the best with your project and I look forward to seeing your progress. 🙂

  4. Yay! Good for you! I’m also continuing with my goal of making blocks to learn new techniques and to strengthen learned skills…but at my own pace. The project’s goal is to promote ones creativity. The process of creating takes many forms, including just reading about or planning the next step or project. It could be taking a walk and getting inspiration and ideas. It should be fun and not a deadline. ( Although sometimes a deadline makes me push myself creatively) So, I’m going to take a balanced approach to this #100DayProject.

    1. All of those activities are awesome practices for a healthy, enjoyable creative experience. I agree with you that it should be at your own pace because its more enjoyable…less stressful. The push to participate in the #100dayproject did get me motivated to start working on my goal to make the 100 blocks. I’m actually already working on block 23 so it’s working. But at my own pace. 🙂

  5. YAY! That pressure of a block each day would take all the fun out of it for me. You know I’m following along on both platforms, and will enjoy seeing the remaining 93 at whatever pace you make them. ~smile~ Roseanne

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