Westward Ho or Can You Hear Me? Part 3

A Restored Log Cabin

We went on an excursion recently to parts west of our home. Our destination was a restored log cabin hidden amongst the trees in a quiet part of Missouri. The purpose of our trip was to relax and unwind with family and friends.

I began telling the story of our adventures in two earlier posts part one and part two. With so much to share I decided to divide up the recount into multiple sections. As the title above states, this is part three.

Cabin From A Distance
Cabin from a Distance

Next Stop…Hamilton, MO

After leaving Liberty, the home of Angela Walter’s Quilting Is My Therapy Fabric Store, our next stop was Hamilton. Hamilton is the home of Missouri Star Quilt Company. I’ve mentioned them often in my blog posts as one of the vendors I purchase fabric from. MSQC has a major presence in Hamilton. Their complex includes numerous buildings; each containing a different grouping of fabrics. On the exterior of some of their buildings are gigantic murals depicting various quilting themes as well as the life in small towns. Here is a photo of two of them.

The first shop we visited was their main store.

MSQC Storefront
Missouri Star Quilt Company Main Building

Inside were samplings of the inventory stocked at each of their locations. Also available was a map identifying where each of the buildings were located.

MSQC Brochure
Missouri Star Quilt Company Brochure

After choosing which shops I would visit we decided to pause for a quick lunch. The restaurant we ate at was right outside MSQC’s main building. While there we enjoyed a delicious deli sandwich along with a scrumptious chocolate muffin brownie. As you can see by the bite taken from the brownie we couldn’t wait for our sandwiches to arrive. We just had to get a sample. Funny thing about the brownie was that the outer surface was so crunchy I couldn’t bite through it. Believe it or not I had to ask my husband to take the first bite. 😋

As you can see from the above photo of MSQC’s brochure, on my list of shops to visit were the:

  • Batik Boutique
  • Backing & Trims
  • Machine Shed
  • Modern and
  • Penny’s Quilt Shop

Of course leaving without a stop at Man’s Land (the shop specifically set aside for comfort) would be inexcusable. Somewhere along the way I got separated from my husband. I wasn’t too concerned because I knew we would eventually meet up in one of the shops. We were also in contact via text message so it wasn’t too hard to keep track of one another.  We also both use the Find Friends app on our phones so that made it even easier.

At one point I texted him to find out where he was at. This is his reply:

Man’s shop…thought you’d like pictures

I replied:

I’ll come when I’m done

meaning I would meet him there.

He replied:

and then there were these chairs…!

He was really thrilled to find the comfy chairs. LOL! These are the photos he sent me.

5 Shops

I had a great time browsing through my five designated shops. Of course I would have to also admit that I didn’t exactly stick to the plan. I strayed from the path ever so slightly. How could I pass up on peeking inside the adjoining buildings?

Did I Buy Fabric?

Now you are probably wondering if I left without purchasing fabric? I’d be lying if I said I did. I’m registered to take several classes during the summer and late fall of 2018. The first is taught by Pam Beal called Minimalist Design, Maximum Impact. Before leaving for our vacation I received the class supply list in the mail. Pam works only with solid colored fabrics. My inventory of solids is pretty dismal because I lean toward bright, bold prints. Penny’s Quilt Shop was filled with solids from several different manufacturers. I grabbed several solids to use in the class.

Solids from Penny's Quilt Shop at MSQC
Solids from Penny’s Quilt Shop at MSQC

The other two classes that I shopped for are the Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Double Wedding Ring Improv and Susan Carlson’s class Fabric Images. I’ve been trying to settle on a color theme for Victoria’s class. I figured MSQC would be an awesome place to start. Susan’s class supply list called for lots of BIG, bold prints. The prints that I currently have aren’t necessarily large. Once again why not look for candidates while in Hamilton. I came home with all sorts of new fabrics all ready for my classes.

Bold Prints from MSQC
Bold Prints from MSQC


A Little Tula Fun from MSQC
A Little Tula Fun from MSQC

For some reason I qualified for two free charms for purchasing fabric. Don’t know why, but I’ll take them. I think they are kinda cute.

MSQC Charms
MSQC Charms

Our time in Liberty and Hamilton, MO went so incredibly fast. I’m sure if we could have set aside more time we would have. As it was we left at 6:30 in the morning and didn’t return until almost 7:00 p.m. Not wanting to miss out on too many of the adventures at the cabin we chose to do it all in one day and not extend it by staying overnight in a hotel. If I had it to do all over again I would do it exactly the same.

Thank You!

I think it is time to call it quits for today. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today. I’m so glad that you were able to stop by.

Talk with you soon!





13 thoughts on “Westward Ho or Can You Hear Me? Part 3

  1. What great fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’ve never been to either shop, but I hope to sometime in the next few years. Although … that’s a lot of fabric temptation, so maybe I should Dave Ramsey it and only take an envelope with a little cash!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    It sounds like it was a worthwhile diversion! Those stacks of fabrics look fabulous – ooh, cannot wait to see them grow up and become something. Man Land looks great but who has time to enjoy comfy chairs with all that fabric calling to you?! I could hear it all the way here – oh Cindy . . . Cindy! ~smile~ Roseanne

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