Exploring Minimalist Quilting

I’m at Woodland Ridge in northern Wisconsin. The reason for my visit is a four day study, taught by Pam Beal called Minimalist Design Maximum Impact. I signed up for the class nearly a year ago and have been looking forward to it ever since.

Our trip north would not be complete without an ever-so-slight detour to a fabric store located in Menomonie. The darling little shop is called Thread Lab. While there I just happened to stumble upon these wonderful, absolutely unavoidable fabrics. Who knows how I will use them this week. No matter what they are added to I’m certain the outcome will be wonderful!

Thread Lab Fabric & Other Goodies

I arrived late this afternoon with my traveling companion Barb. After exchanging hugs with familiar faces we unpacked our many belongings and quilting paraphernalia. After settling-in we enjoyed a carry out meal from the local coffee shop and filled the rest of our time relaxing and catching up on our reading.

Our class tomorrow begins at 9:00 a.m. and I can’t wait! If time permits I hope to share photos and updates along the way.

Talk with you soon!



6 thoughts on “Exploring Minimalist Quilting

  1. It sounds like a lovely trip, and there’s nothing like finally meeting someone you’ve planed such a long time to see and from whom you’ve planned to learn. Did you bring home those yarns, too. Great bright colors! I’m glad you didn’t get hurt when you stumbled on the fabrics. LOL

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Ooooh, this sounds like fun! And those fabrics look fabulous. I love those two green ones! Well, upon close inspection, I like all of them. Have fun and learn lots. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Oh I really like the green too! The fabric store was just so pleasant to shop at. The lady was incredibly friendly and interactive. 😊 Thank You! I’m sure I will. Happy Tuesday to you as well! ♥️

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