7 thoughts on “Enough Said

  1. Hi Cindy! I subscribed to your blog yesterday. I like what you have to say and I LOVE quilting. I have a blog as well, although I took a serious vacation from almost everything when serious days came upon our nation. I’ve not been much in the mood to write or paint. Quilting has been my one steady attachment. I’m mostly a Modern Quilter these days, but I have traditional blood running in my recessive vein. I bought the Farm Wife Sampler book last week and am gearing up for the challenge. (Teeny tiny pieces! Yeesh!) Tomorrow I leave for a week in Georgia and South Carolina (where I will miss Albuquerque’s weather I am certain…) to meet my new twin great grandsons. I’m packing zip lock baggies with pepared pieces – time to piece the old fashioned way by hand. Come see my blog! I need quilty feedback these days 🙂 aliveincolorado.wordpress.com Lyn

    1. Well welcome! I think we all go through dry spells. Those dry spells help to refresh our interest and energy. I used to be a traditional quilter. It’s only in the last couple years that my taste changed. I hope you have a wonderful time meeting your new great grandsons as well as a wonderful vacation. 😊

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