Ten of Sixteen: Court House Friends 10, AP # 55

Ten of Sixteen

I’ve been sharing photos of my recently completed art pieces. Last Tuesday we took a look at number nine Today’s post features the tenth of sixteen art pieces.

Almost Microscopic

If you thought the mini art piece revealed last time was tiny, then take a look at this one. The teeny tiny center could very easily have been tossed into the trash. Not wanting to waste a speck of color I challenged myself to turn it into something spectacular.

The quilting combined with the unusual center section meld together to create an unusual piece of art. Working in unison the design aspects of art piece number ten have earned it my stamp of approval. I’m proud of the outcome I was able to achieve. I look forward to displaying it in my home.

Court-House-Friends 10 of 14, AP # 55
Court House Friends 10 of 14, AP # 55

Quilt Characteristics

  • Materials: Fabric top and backing are 100% cotton
  • Batting: Warm & Natural
  • Dimensions: 6 1/4” L x 5 1/4” W
  • Quilting Stitch: Straight lines using a variegated thread
  • Quilted On: Conventional sewing machine

What Next?

Now that you have seen this art piece are you curious about the other quilts in the series? Links to the other pieces are filed under the category Courthouse Steps, Block of the Month. Go ahead and check them out! You won’t be disappointed. While you are at it share with me your thoughts about this art piece as well as the other members of the family.

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8 thoughts on “Ten of Sixteen: Court House Friends 10, AP # 55

  1. Great save. A tiny boat floating on the ocean, and a tiny shark swimming around it. LOL I’m a story teller, so that’s why I make up these things.

  2. Hi Cindy! Not only teeny tiny pieces of fabrics but that looks like a teeny tiny HST!! Love these colors and the fabric pieces just to the left and white of the white fabric kind of has the look a corduroy. I’m sure it isn’t but it gives that impression of texture. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Greetings! It sure does. Wouldn’t that be something to make a HST that tiny. No it’s not corduroy. The grain of the fabric just looks magnified. The blue fabric is a hand-dyed fabric from Dye Candy. You certainly are very observant. 😊❤️

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