Fourteen of Sixteen: Court House Friends 14, AP # 59

Fourteen of Sixteen

Fourteen of sixteen what? Well let me explain.

I worked really hard to finish up a bunch of mini quilts. After adding the last stitch and tying a knot I sat down to write a story about each one. So far I’ve made it through the first thirteen Today we get to examine number fourteen.

One Strip

Who would think that a single strip of pieced-together fabrics could become the focus of a mini art quilt…why me of course!

Throughout my career, as a fabric artist, I have learned to appreciate the value of even the tiniest of fabric scraps. One never knows their potential. They could be

  • added to a grouping of other fragments to create a brand-new building block or,
  • proudly stand-alone.

When Should I Stop

The question echoed countless times by artists of all crafts is, “When is it finished?” Knowing when to declare a piece finished is tricky.

I have experienced numerous instances when I’ve made the decision to add additional enhancements only to later regret it. To help me attempt to avoid repeating that scenario I try to remember these guidelines:

    Forge ahead slowly.
    Take breaks.
    Pause to reflect. Rushing through the process opens up the door to hasty decisions.
    Photograph my work-in-progress in both color and black and white. The different perspectives help to point out the strengths, weaknesses and balance or lack there of.
    Take pictures from different directions or angles. Viewing a piece from different angles helps you to spot the areas that might need further attention.

An Easy Decision

For this piece, knowing when to stop, was a very easy decision. The instant I saw the conglomerate of tiny fabric scraps I just knew there was nothing more to do.

All it needed was a striking border and some crafty quilting.

Huge Impact

To bring attention to the slender arrangement, a vibrant border of white fabric was added. Within the boundaries of the border are strategically placed rows of stitching.

The quilting in the left and right borders guides your eye inward toward the center and back out again. This movement helps to

  • draw attention to the center panel and
  • provides a level of interest not present with simple straight-line quilting.


As a finished project this miniature art piece is a joy to both

see and


The process, from start to finish, was a simple, relaxed experience. This tiny art piece will add a sparkle to my studio for years to come.

Court-House-Friends 14 of 14, AP # 59
Court House Friends 14 of 14, AP # 59

Quilt Details

  • Materials: Fabric top and backing are 100% cotton
  • Batting: Warm & Natural
  • Dimensions: 7 7/8” L x 5 3/4” W
  • Quilting Stitch: Straight and angular lines using white thread
  • Quilted On: Conventional sewing machine

What Next?

Now that you have seen this art piece are you curious about the others? Links to the other quilts are filed under the category Courthouse Steps, Block of the Month. Go ahead and check them out! You won’t be disappointed. While you are at it share with me your thoughts about this art piece as well as the other members of the family.

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12 thoughts on “Fourteen of Sixteen: Court House Friends 14, AP # 59

  1. Hi Cindy! This is minimalism at it’s best! This is just SO cool – simple but the white sure draws you eye to that one, lonely strip in the center. Just what you wanted! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. That one strip is powerful! Thanks for sharing those tips. I need to pause and reflect more throughout the process rather than waiting until I finish. Also, I take photos, but I never thought of taking different angles. I’ve been working on some pieces but I haven’t shared them.

    1. I’m always learning new techniques and trying them out on my pieces. I have to keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy the process because I can totally forget what I’ve learned and barrel on ahead. It is good to take photos from different directions. On my iPhone I go into the edit function and have the camera spin the photo. I can look at it in all four directions then. It is amazing how different it looks. Sometimes it actually looks better upside down. Oh I can’t wait to see your secret pieces!!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed your input. 😊

    1. The fraternal twins and one other art piece are hanging together. The rest are waiting for their calling. The small ones are fun to make. Awe I’m glad you have enjoyed them!! I enjoyed reading your comment. 😊

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