Windows, AP # 60

Converting Scraps

Turning remnants of previous projects into new art pieces is one of my specialties. I’ve made so many that I’ve lost track of the count.

In one of my previous posts I shared my latest goal of turning four leftover fragments into new works of art. Three of them were leftover scraps from my Bits & Pieces, AP # 33.

AQ #33-Bits and Pieces-Closeup 5
Art Quilt # 33, Bits and Pieces, Closeup #5

The First One

The first art piece to emerge from the scrap bin was this one.

AP # 60: Windows
AP # 60: Windows

I’ve named it Windows because the staggered pieces of hand-dyed batik remind me of the windows one might see in a high-rise office building.

Surrounding the batik scraps is a bright gold shot cotton. The border immediately adjacent is blue. This blue cotton was selected to match the printing in the batik.

Windows measures 21 1/8″ long x 10 3/8″ wide.


The hand-dyed batik rectangles along with the gold shot cotton were quilted with a straight-line pattern using a coordinating thread.

In the outer border I also used a matching thread to stitch a straight line motif for it’s quilting.

All of the quilting was done on my conventional sewing machine.

The Quilt Sandwich

Used inside the quilt sandwich was a fusible black batting. On the back of my art piece is a black cotton fabric. The raw edges have been protected by a black facing. Of course I’ve also attached a hanging sleeve and a label identifying my piece.

Very Pleased!

I think Art Piece # 60: Windows turned a group of discarded batik scraps into a striking new specimen. I’m very proud of this new member.

Next time I will reveal the second rebirth in this series.

Thank You!

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  1. I can see your windows vision. My first thought was footprints because of the way the sides alternate. I like the different directions of quilting for the two parts. That’s somewhat larger than your most recent pieces, so I’m interested to see if the other three are, too.

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