Windows At Night, AP # 61

Converting Scraps

The goal to convert leftover art piece scraps into new works of art continues with this post. Previously I shared a goal I had of turning four leftover fabric fragments into new works of art. Three of them were leftover scraps from my Bits & Pieces, AP # 33. The first segment was turned into Windows, AP # 60. You will find the story of that quilt here. The second bit of fabric scraps is the subject of today’s post.

AQ # 33_ Bits and Pieces-Closeup 1
Bits and Pieces, Art Quilt # 33, Closeup # 1

The Second One

The second art piece to emerge from the scrap bin is Windows At Night, AP # 61.

Windows At Night, AP # 61
Windows At Night, AP # 61

I’ve named it Windows At Night for two reasons. The first is because the staggered pieces of hand-dyed batik remind me of the windows one might see in a high-rise office building. The second reason is because of the dark blue fabric surrounding the hand-dyed batik scraps. This darker blue made the windows appear more prominent. Their prominence reminded me of how light emitted from windows is much more evident at night.

Surrounding the dark blue fabric is a border of hand-dyed cotton from Dye Candy. Dye Candy is created by Chris Daly, owner of Woodland Ridge Retreat.

The Details

The entire piece was quilted on my conventional sewing machine using a variegated coordinating thread and a straight-line stitch motif. On the inside of the quilt sandwich is a layer of Warm & Natural batting. The back is covered with a blue floral fabric. I’ve also added a hanging sleeve and a label identifying my work. Windows At Night measures 11” long x 10” wide.

Very Pleased!

I think Art Piece # 61: Windows At Night makes a wonderful new addition to my collection. Next time I will reveal the third rebirth in this series.

Thank You!

Thank You for sharing these moments with me! I always look forward to our visits. If you have any questions or comments you would like to share please feel free to add them to my post.

Talk with you soon!


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