Wise Old Owl

One of the joys of finishing an art piece is sharing it with you. My most recent finish is a piece titled Wise Old Owl, AP # 76. Read on to discover it’s details.

The Beginning

I participated in Pam Beal’s class Minimalist Design, Maximum Impact back in the spring of 2018. The specimen being shown today was started during that class.

This quilt, as with many others, started from leftover scraps. If you refer to the photo below you will see them in the center of the art piece. They are the dangling strips of random fabrics. This odd grouping adds an unexpected point of interest. Further interest was added through these special features:

  • Three Stitches: In the quilt’s uppermost area you will notice three stitches. Pam often adds elements of surprise to her masterpieces. These three stitches are my surprise touch.
  • One Bead: Adding further excitement is the addition of an unusual single teal bead. The bead was purchased from Etsy long before I began this project. Since then I had been waiting for just the right opportunity to use it. This project seemed like the perfect place.
  • Three Small Beads: The goal of a balanced quilt is evenly distributed color. To spread the presence of teal in yet another location, three small teal beads were stitched to the black horizontal fabric strip.
  • Zigzag Stitch: The grouping of fabric strips with uneven lengths and varied colors have raw edges. Normally raw edges would be secured inside a seam. Since these were not I added a row of zigzag stitching to prevent unraveling.
  • Black Strip: Although it may be hard to tell the horizontal black strip extends beyond the mini quilt’s edges on both sides. Each end of the strip was stitched together to protect the unfinished edges.

The Name

Here’s why I’ve named my piece Wise Old Owl:

  • The teal triangle reminds me of eyebrows.
  • The two small grey triangles, on either side of the eyebrows, look like eyes,
  • The short black vertical strip of fabric beneath the eyes forms a beak.
  • The horizontal black strips extending beyond the sides of the quilt look like outstretched wings.

Finishing Touches

Ms. Wise Old Owl has a black binding to protect her delicate edges. Her backside is covered with a matching black fabric. Inside she is kept warm by a layer of Warm & Natural batting. She measures 13 x 8″.

Wise Old Owl, AP # 76
A Closer Look at some of the Owl’s Details

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7 thoughts on “Wise Old Owl

  1. Oh, yes, I can see the owl! It’s a fun collection of scraps, and makes a happy statement. The black strip makes it look like she’s gliding, and I do love the addition of the button and beads, too. Congratulations on a finish. It was good to see a post in my mailbox.

  2. Hi Cindy!! It’s been so long since you posted, I had to do a double check. I totally see the owl in this piece. The varied strips for the body/tail of the owl look fab, and that button or bead in teal gives the beak some dimension. I am still smiling at the piece you sent me each and every day. The colors make me happy and make me think of you. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. LOL! It has been a loooooooong time! My feet have been in constant motion. Not enough time in the day! I’m so glad that you can visualize my subject. She is a wonderful addition to my portfolio. Thank you very much for your lovely compliments. I think of you often as well. Your very sweet gift sits on my desk where I can see it every time I’m there. Thank you again for the surprise!

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