Morning In The Garden, AP # 89

Who doesn’t enjoy the loveliness of a morning in the garden with the sunshine dancing on the dew drops. I know I do! It is my favorite time of day.

I have always loved flowers. In my younger days my yard was filled with gardens overflowing with their beauty. Their colorful faces added a delight to my yard that thrilled me immensely.

Now that I’ve experienced more years that I have left my huge garden days are over. I still enjoy the beauty of flowers and their wonderful scent but I have adjusted my expectations. Rather that spending hours tending to my gardens, inhaling the many fragrances, feeling the soil between my fingers, soaking in the eye-popping colors and the warmth of the sun’s rays I experience those joys through my portfolio of photos and my occasional plantings.

With my days of prolific gardening behind me I have made attempts to recreate my love of flowers through my art and my surroundings. The art piece I am about to share with you today is the second addition to my layered quilt portfolio. My most recent completion is titled Morning In The Garden, AP # 89. Let’s explore it’s beauty through photographs. Click on the photos, in each grouping, to see them in greater detail

Morning In The Garden

Photos say more than words can. I hope that you have enjoyed this tour and that you have the opportunity to click on and explore the photos in detail.

Thank you so much for visiting!

12 thoughts on “Morning In The Garden, AP # 89

  1. Hi Cindy! What a great representation of your flower garden in this piece. I love all the different fabrics and textures you gathered together. I’ll bet it was really fun to make, and now to enjoy hanging in your home. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I like the color scheme, the wonderful textures, and the embroidery. Do you use a giant hoop or large frame to hold the work while you hand stitch it?

    1. Awe thank you so much! I do not use a frame or hoop. I simply hold it in my hands. When I am finished stitching the art piece I spritz it with water and block it. Thank you for asking! 😊

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