Art Piece 93: Red and Teal, A Study

I enjoy sharing my art work. May, 2019 is the last time I made an effort to update you on my accomplishments. At last count, I have almost 100 items to share. Don’t worry though…I will not introduce you to all of them today.

Red and Teal, A Study is the name given to a project I worked on early in 2019. One of my long-distance friends needs a little nudging to keep her artistic mojo going. To assist her in that endeavor she enlisted my participation. The plan was to select a project for us both to work on independently, which, in the end, just might give her the incentive to participate.

Being easily inspired to create art with fibers I found the challenge invigorating. Following the guidelines outlined at the beginning of each month I set out to add another finished item to my portfolio. She, on the other hand, floundered.

Measuring 47 3/4” x 31 1/2” Red and Teal, A Study, Art Piece # 93 was the fruit of my labors. Using only 100% cotton fabrics I utilized the required red, and teal colors along with a few additional specimens. This is my finished product.

Art Piece # 93 Red and Teal, A Study

I’m very proud to add this project to my list of accomplishments.

Art Piece 93: Red and Teal, A Study

Red and Teal is a one of a kind quilt. It measures 47 3/4” x 31 1/2” and was constructed from cotton fabrics.


15 thoughts on “Art Piece 93: Red and Teal, A Study

  1. Like those other commenters, red and teal is a new combo for me, too. But I’ll mention that the gold is what makes the combo not look tedious IMHO. The photo just lifted my inner creative (he)art. Thanks!

  2. Hi Cindy! You’re back – here’s the Cindy posts I grew to love and then missed. Just seeing AP 93 in the title, I know it’s you. I cannot say that I have ever paired red and teal together, but it surely does look nice. This is truly a beee-u-tee-ful quilt and now that your friend has been thrown under the bus – gently – maybe she will be brave enough to revisit the challenge?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. How beautiful! The addition of gold really makes this project shine! Red and teal are not colors I’d put together, but you’ve got me thinking now….

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