Art Piece 95: Exploring Shapes

A friend of mine asked me to choose a project for both of us to work on simultaneously. She lives about two and one half hours away; the traveling distance meant we would work on our projects independently. The deadline for the completion of the item was February, 2019. I was assigned the task of choosing the general guidelines. I selected red, teal and black for the must use colors. I also encouraged my partner to utilize the techniques outlined in Cindy Grisdela’s book Artful Improv.

Before the month was over I had this lovely specimen completed. Measuring 24” x 22” Exploring Shapes, Art Piece 95 easily met all of the requirements.

Exploring Shapes, Art Piece 95

If you have really great eye sight you might be able to read the placard displayed above my art quilt. On the card is the details of my project. This art piece was part of my September, 2019 solo exhibit at Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton, Wisconsin. Exploring Shapes is currently on display in my home.

Best wishes for a pleasant and productive day!

6 thoughts on “Art Piece 95: Exploring Shapes

  1. Hi Cindy! I really love this piece. In the first shot, where you gave us a closeup before quilting, I just adore the black/white circles with the blue background. Those two blocks together look just like a sailboat with two different sails and the hull painted in red and blue. It gives me the idea to play around with some drunkard’s path blocks and make some sailboats of my own. Nice job! ~smile~ Roseanne

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