Solo Art Exhibit September, 2019

Is there anything more amazing than participating in a solo art show!

I had the opportunity to exhibit art pieces at Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton, WI. The memorable event was held during September, 2019.

Choosing, hanging and observing my works of art was an experience I will never forget. Plans for the show were nine months in the making. Everything right down to the smallest detail was analyzed over and over again. An artist reception was held on September 14, 2019. Meeting and conversing with my fellow enthusiasts filled my heart with joy.

Five months have passed since the finale of my memorable event yet the images and conversations remain vivid in my mind. Since many of you would not have been able to attend I have assembled a grouping of photos for you to experience. To see them as a slide show click on one of them and the show will begin.

Thank you for sharing in my joy!

7 thoughts on “Solo Art Exhibit September, 2019

    1. Well sometimes my updates move as slow as molasses. LOL 🙂 I had so many things going on in my life at the time si my blog was one of the things that had to be patient. I totally understand logistics and am so happy you are now able to experience it. Hugs to you!

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