Road Trip

Mention the phrase road trip to a fiber artist and visions of fabric stores, antique shops and anything other vendor that carries our supplies will come to mind. In this instance it conjures up a cozy, modern retreat/educational center in northern Wisconsin. In the very near future I am scheduled to pack my car to the gills with every possible project/supply I can imagine. Once I’m assured the tires and suspension can withstand the extreme weight (LOL) I will be off to my next adventure.

Quilting is My Therapy #3

During my extended excursion I will immerse myself in endless sewing, stitching and conversation with my fellow enthusiasts. By the time the event has ended I will be so exhausted I’ll need a period of time just to recover. Keep your eye directed toward this direction for updates on my activities. It’s sure to be an interesting explosion of creativity.

With warm regards,

7 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Hi Cindy! Ooooh, lucky dawg. Road trip – oh, the possibilities. Have a blast – I don’t even need to say it, though, because I know you will. ~smile~ Roseanne

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