Hide the Yellow, AP 105

I’m back to share another polyester stretch velvet art piece. So far I’ve displayed Around and Around, Mint Shake, Retro Vibes, Follow the Lines, Autumn Jazz, Around the Square, Soft and Fuzzy, Disco and Hide the Flowers. All of these art pieces were created in May, 2019, while participating in the Susan Lenz class at Woodland Ridge Retreat. Each one of them has it’s own unique qualities and this one is no exception.

Known as Hide the Yellow, Art Piece 105, it measures 7 3/4” x 9 3/4”. The base of this item is a blue floral cotton fabric. Cotton is used because it doesn’t melt when the polyester is exposed to extreme heat. Several layers of polyester shapes were fused on top of the cotton. They were then treated to a warm zap by a wood burning tool. Even if you look closely I don’t think you can tell where the melting occurred since I tried very hard to camouflaged it.

The process of creating art with polyester stretch velvet was a huge experiment. While I was truly impressed with the items my instructor, Susan Lenz, had achieved, my outcomes were not quite so stellar. In this instance I had used a very bright yellow polyester for one of my layers. I am fond of bright and bold colors but for this project it turned out to be a bad idea; the obnoxious yellow took the attention away from the other elements.

To tone down the blazing yellow I fused a layer of webbing over the entire surface. Strategically placed teal and gold polyester shapes were adhered to the webbing. To distract the eye even further I embellished this specimen with hand and machine quilting as well as black and gold colored beads. All of this trickery inspired me to title this project Hide the Yellow.

Hide the Yellow, Art Piece # 105

Each time I begin a new project the outcome is a mystery. Sometimes I have happy endings and other times not so much. Thankfully my odds seem to fall on the positive side. While Hide the Yellow is a bit odd I have added this one to the successful column.

Thank you for sharing your time!

Warm wishes to you and your special someones!

9 thoughts on “Hide the Yellow, AP 105

  1. I am curious about the framing treatments that you choose to display your work. I noticed this piece is framed by black matboard while some others have a black fabric border as frame. What other border/frame treatments do you use for your art?

      1. Great. I look forward to reading them. I am currently working on some small quilts suitable for framing and need some help figuring out the best methods.

    1. Laura, It does and it can be very stubborn about being tamed. I’m so glad you can find beauty in its new outfit. Thank you for being a faithful follower and for adding your thoughtful comments. Hugs!

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