Should I?

I’ve been creating art with fibers for a very long time. Each time I add their finishing touches I have to ask myself these questions: Should I

  • Add a binding or
  • Facing or
  • Envelope or
  • Mount it on canvas?

Typically one of the first three contenders is chosen. A binding is selected when I want to add a boundary or resting place for your eye. I choose facings when I want my piece to appear to have no ending or in other words an infinity edge. The envelope method is my go-to option when I’m feeling lazy and want to wrap things up quickly. Mounting on canvas is the newest option to be added to my techniques.

So why did I add a fourth technique to my repertoire? I’m not one to be drawn to the newest and greatest thing. Being a creature of habit I am satisfied to stick to my tried and true behavior. Learning new things takes energy and I prefer to expend that energy on creating art. Every once and a while I bust out of that boundary and divert my attention to a new direction.

I am honored to have been invited to show my art at another solo exhibit. The fiber art items that will be on display will be for sale. Isn’t that exciting! To put my best foot forward I want to showcase my work in a way that will make them appear professional. Elevating them to a higher standard, in this instance, means adding finishing touches that require more skill.

I have been searching the internet and You Tube for suggestions on how to mount a fiber art piece onto stretched canvas. Through my efforts I have discovered an exhaustive library of options. After weighing the various techniques I have decided to combine several into my own hybrid. I am currently working on my first experiment. Let’s hope that it is successful.

Mounting Art on Canvas Experiment # 1

The photo above is my first guinea pig. Next time you see this piece it will be transformed into a beautiful swan (well not exactly). ~Smile~

Thank you for your interest!

With warm regards,

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