Canvas Mounted Fabric Art Part One

Most fabric art pieces have raw edges that require finishing. I’ve used a variety of techniques to accomplish this task. My newest and most interesting method is to mount the project onto pre-stretched canvas.

I recently shared two posts titled Should I and I Think It Was Successful. Contained within those narratives were details about my thought process as well as photos. As curious as I was about the technique I thought it possible you might be as well and as a result I am embarking on a short series explaining the steps I followed. Below is installment number one.

Before we start let’s assemble a few supplies. The first two items would be your art piece and a suitably sized pre-stretched canvas. Listed below are the other items I included in my tool chest:

Suggested Supplies

  1. A chalk pencil or suitable substitute for making marks on the back of your art piece.
  2. A sharpener for the chalk pencil.
  3. Rulers of various sizes to draw lines on the back of your art piece and to make certain your art piece is centered on the stretched canvas.
  4. Screw driver with small tip to remove misfired staples.
  5. Needle nose pliers to remove misfired staples.
  6. Ergonomic staple gun. I use the PowerShot.
  7. 1/4” staples (I used Arrow brand staples).
  8. A scissors to trim fabric bulk.
  9. If you will be adding a dust cover to the back of your frame you will need a scissors or rotary cutter to cut the material. Do not use your fabric rotary cutter.
  10. Double sided tape for adhering the dust cover. (I use Scotch Permanent Double Sided Tape. It comes in a yellow box and measures 1/2” x 25 yards.)
  11. Not in my box but essential is a dispenser for the tape. The dispenser eliminates the dreaded tangling.
  12. Pen or pencil, just because.
  13. A cardboard template to be used when signing your art. I made mine from card stock.Canva
  14. Micron 08 permanent marker for signing the art work.

Even though the list might seem rather long it should include everything you will need to successfully attempt your first project.

Here is gallery of some of my favorite supplies.

Be watching for the next chapter in my tutorial.

Warm wishes for a wonderful day!

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