Rainbow Sherbet, Art Piece 2 Renovation

I’m working on a renovation project. My goal is to breathe new life into a long list of fiber art quilts. All of the chosen items will receive not only a facelift but also be adapted to mount on a pre-stretched canvas.

The first item to receive my attention is an art quilt previously known as Paws For A Moment. I chose that name because sections of it were harvested from an unfinished Bear Paw quilt top. Those sections were then combined with an array of boldly colored fabrics.

After stripping away the binding, hanging sleeve and label I began shopping my inventory for fabrics to compliment this piece. I chose three: a raspberry floral batik, a teal Grunge and a sour apple green. All of them were selected because they were colors already present in the original design. The new borders were accented with straight-line stitching using color-coordinated threads. The refashioned fiber art quilt was then attached to a pre-stretched canvas frame.

As I stood back and admired my newly renovated project I couldn’t help but smile at its explosion of color. The vibrant pallet brought back memories of the rainbow sherbet I used to eat as a child. This childhood memory inspired me to give Paws For A Moment a new name. Here after it shall be known as Rainbow Sherbet, Art Piece # 2.

How’s that for a radical transformation! Any thoughts?

Time to get working on the next victim. 🙂

Warm wishes for a day filled with creativity!

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Sherbet, Art Piece 2 Renovation

  1. The transformation is more exciting than the original. The series of borders draws my eyes all the way to the center, as if I am looking through a tunnel to the light at the end.

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