Social Distancing via the Bakery

It’s a dreary, cold, wet day in May and I am sitting at my kitchen table waiting for my timer to go off while my oven bakes the last pan of chocolate chip cookies. This might not sound too unusual to most of you because you probably make it a habit to bake treats for your family. In our household we typically avoid having cookies and the like on hand because we try to avoid the extra calories. But his social distancing has me doing things I haven’t done in years.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

To counteract the excess calories I have been taking my sweet, sweet Sadie on regular Burley walks around the neighborhood. She has become so accustomed to hearing the sound of my shoes being added to me feet that I barely have to announce my intentions. She typically makes her presence known in very short order.

Sadie and her Burley

So that’s one small glimpse of my activities while practicing social distancing; now share something about yours!

9 thoughts on “Social Distancing via the Bakery

  1. Hi Cindy. We are in the midst of a home construction project so I have enjoyed having the time to bake treats for the framers. That way we can have treats but I have also enjoyed being able to share them as somehow it makes me feel I am doing “something for others”. They have been very much appreciated so it is heart warming. I have also been making more bread but I only have two packages of yeast left. Lots of time spent on decision making so I haven’t had much time to sew but I have started to “edit” my stash a bit.
    Stay well.

    1. How exciting to have a home renovation project going on. I bet you are thrilled and I bet they are glad they are working at your house. Home made bread sounds wonderful. Do you make it by machine or by hand.

      Best wishes to you and your family! Stay safe.

      Cindy Anderson

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  2. Hi Cindy! Yum, yum, yum. Those cookies look fabulous. I haven’t YET baked a batch of cookies, although it has been on the sounding board. I can see why Sadie makes her presence known . . . you wouldn’t want to go for a walk without her, would you?!! Heavens no. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne,

      The cookies are very yummy! I haven’t quite figured out how many laps I have to take for each cookie but I’m guessing my four thousand steps might help.

      No I don’t have the heart to leave without her. She gets so excited and looks so adoringly as we travel along.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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