Floating Stars, Art Piece 20 Renovation

Rising Star, Art Piece 20 Before Renovation

This beautiful specimen was originally created in July, 2017. The building blocks for the pieced center were scraps harvested from a grouping of ugly quilt blocks. Earlier this month I embarked on a mission to breathe new life into a number of my fiber art quilts. I’ve titled my project Operation Renovation. This quilt was one of the items chosen for the project.

To tackle this renovation I downsized the boring white border to make way for two new fabric frames. To bring more emphasis to the center construction I chose a blue and yellow patterned fabric to surround the original facade. Next to that I added a soft blue frame that repeats the blue in both the center of the art quilt as well as the blue and yellow border. For an added touch of sparkle I used color-coordinated thread to stitch lines around the blue and yellow flowers as well as parallel repeating lines in the soft blue border.

The combination of old and new gave this piece a jazzy vibe that warranted a change in name. This renovated fiber art piece is now known as Floating Stars, Art Piece # 20.

Floating Stars, Art Piece # 20

I am very pleased with the transformation of this project. The added borders, the quilting as well as the new name have brought a level of detail that thrills me beyond expectation. Suffice it to say I am overjoyed to have it in my portfolio.

Now I would like to hear your thoughts!

With warm thoughts for an invigorating day filled with joy!

8 thoughts on “Floating Stars, Art Piece 20 Renovation

  1. Hi Cindy! My thoughts are . . . WOW! What a fabulous change, although I enjoyed the original piece. The colors and fabrics are just so pleasing to me. The added borders really enhance the center design without overpowering it. {{Hugs}} You really have a good eye for this stuff – good thing you enjoy doing it. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, I liked this piece in its original form but the transformation made it so much more exciting! I do really enjoy taking the art pieces apart and reinventing them. It gives me the chance to work with my fabrics without adding another item to my portfolio. One of these days I will run out of quilts to renovate.

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

      Hugs to you as well!


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    1. You know I think you are right! It felt like it was missing something and I finally figured out what it was. Quite the change! Thank you for your sweet compliment! 🙂

  2. Wow – what a renovation! How cool you are revisiting old pieces and making them even more spectacular! That print border has an amazing effect on the piece and the center pops while also being quiet and peaceful!

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