Setting Sail, Art Piece 40 Renovation

I’m sharing entries in my journal of my quest to renovate a long list of fiber art quilts. Each one will be retrofitted for a stretched canvas frame. I’m very excited to share my second project so enough with the chatter; let’s get this party started.

Originally created in February, 2018 this small art piece was named Alleyway by my husband. This 8 1/4” x 7 3/4” specimen was the second item on my list of projects to renovate.

Alleyway, Art Piece 40

After removing its hanging sleeve, facings, and label I cleaned up the raw edges. Next I began auditioning fabrics for a new border. Chosen were specimens to coordinate with the pinks and blues already present. The pinks, while very peppy, seemed too bold for such a tiny piece. The blues ranged from a soft color to a bold stripe. The bold stripe, a two-tone blue, seemed to fit naturally with my project.

While auditioning the stripe I gradually turned my art quilt clockwise to view it from a different angle. When I reached 180 degrees a new image evolved; rather than an alleyway I saw the mast of a small sail boat. The new orientation and a fabric that seemed to compliment the nautical theme made choosing this combination an easy one. With all of those components falling into place I decided that this project was ready for finishing

Often while I am in my studio I listen to music on my iPhone. One of my favorite songs is sung by Aron Wright titled Build It Better. The song played in the background when I was working on this item. There is a verse in that song that says

You always build it better the second time around

When I heard that verse it seemed to describe the outcome of this project. The evolution from a small art quilt surrounded by white borders to this attractively framed reincarnation has given my fiber art quilt a whole new feel…one with which I am totally pleased. I did “…built it better the second time around.”

Setting Sail is available for purchase in my online store.

Setting Sail, Art Piece 40 Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 1 1/2″

Now that I have finished this transformation I have a few questions for you. Do you prefer the first or second version? What do you think of the new fabric? How about the change in size or orientation? Let’s get a discussion going! 🙂

Warm wishes for a pleasant day!

6 thoughts on “Setting Sail, Art Piece 40 Renovation

  1. Hi Cindy! I can totally see the original piece as an alleyway. Your new larger piece looks to me like a lighthouse. The blue striped fabric you added definitely conveys the water idea for a boat masthead or lighthouse. Very nice! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne,

      I always enjoy your participation! It is interesting how turning something in a different direction can totally change its appearance. I would agree with you that this could have been either a lighthouse or a boat masthead. All it takes is a little imagination.

      Stay safe and have a pleasant day!


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    1. Laura Kate,

      I’m so happy you were able to stop by! I am drawn to bold colors, textures and prints so this is right up my alley. I appreciate that it may not be for you and that you were brave enough to share it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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