Lighthouse, Art Piece 43 Renovation

Let’s Change Something

Participating in a renovation project can bring about many emotions; two of which are fear and jubilation. The project I’ve called Operation Renovation is one I initiated back in April, 2020. I started on this path for several reasons. The first is a desire to fuel my obsession with fabric. The second is my need for change. As my family will attest, I have a reputation for routinely rearranging furniture. I just love the brand new feel it brings without even spending a penny.

The Initial Goal

At the outset, the goal for my project was to spend as little money as possible. This meant only using fabric from my present inventory. The only expenditure needed was for a supply of stretched canvas frames.

Very Pleased

The process of making these changes has brought nothing but pure joy! I love scrounging through my fabric stash to find suitable options. It thrills me that I can find a way to use the fabrics purchased so long ago with no particular project in mind. Surprisingly though, its as if they were predestined for just this purpose. Well, enough with the praises…let’s move on and discover the next amazing success story.

Next Up

On deck for today’s revelation is Lighthouse, Art Piece 43. This item was originally completed back in February, 2018. The dimensions of the piece 16 3/8” x 19 1/2” made it a perfect candidate for a 16” x 20” frame. I removed the facings, hanging sleeve and label then trimmed up the scraggly edges. Next I shopped my fabric inventory for the perfect specimen to compliment my project.

Lighthouse, Art Piece 43 Before Renovation
Lighthouse, Art Piece # 43 Before Renovation

Dots, Dots and More Dots

I am a sucker for polka dots; big ones, small ones, fuzzy ones and soft…they all make me giggle with delight. When I discovered a piece of Grunge purple dot in my stash I was tickled pink. Not only was it the perfect companion for the current border but it also had polka dots. How could I go wrong!

Size Matters

The measurements of my art quilt, before adding the polka dots, was darn near identical to the frame. In fact the side to side dimensions meant the dots would not be seen from the front. However, when viewed from the side, they would easily be seen. The top to bottom distance, on the other hand, allowed just the right amount of polka dots to show. Their presence adds the perfect amount of sparkle.

Finishing Touches

After adding the new fabric, some straight-line stitching and attaching the refurbished piece to a frame this beauty was finished.

Lighthouse, Art Piece 43 After Renovation
Lighthouse, Art Piece # 43 After Renovation Dimensions: 16” x 20” x 7/8″

And Your Thoughts Are?

Ta da! There she is! All neatly pressed and outfitted with a brand new border, albeit tiny, and a fancy new frame! So what do you think?

My Gratitude

I am so glad we had this opportunity to visit and discover how a little tweaking can bring new life to a project. Are you ready for your own Operation Renovation?

About Cindy

The world of art has always brought me joy. From my childhood explorations with chalk and paint to my creations using fabric and thread, I have utilized art as my vehicle to stretch my wings and explore the world around me.

My favorite art form has been given many names; I know it as “free-form” quilting. This direction has taken me on a journey resulting in the formation of more than 200 art pieces. Most of them center strictly around the manipulation of fabric. Some of the later pieces have added elements of hand stitchery. All of them have brought me an immense sense of joy.

I use this blog to share glimpses of my art and the environment in which it is created. Most of my art pieces are available for purchase. You may see a sampling of them at Raven’s Wish Gallery in Janesville, Wisconsin.

My art is periodically on display in a variety of venues. To learn about my current exhibits you may send an email to cindy [at] inastitchquilting [dot] com

Now go and create your own masterpiece. With warm hugs…

Cindy Anderson

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  1. Hi Cindy! I think this is my favorite piece of all time that I have seen you make. The colors just make my heart sing. Love every bit of it and warm {{{hugs}}} back to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

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