City Condos, Art Piece 44 Renovation

operation renovation

I’ve been making changes to a number of my existing art pieces. I call this project Operation Renovation. Each of the items chosen were attached to a stretched canvas frame. To make them suitable for framing adjustments were made. The completed item being revealed today is Condos By The Sea, Art Piece # 44.

the Origin

This fiber art piece, originally called City Condos, Art Piece # 44, was one of five in a series. The segments that make up the pieced center reminded me of the metal shipping containers people convert into housing. Stacked on top of one another they made me think of condos in a city. The vision of them stacked together was the inspiration for the name.

The First change

After removing the previously added finishing touches the first change to be made was the orientation. In the original version the pieced center was displayed vertically. I chose to turn the quilt 180 degrees this time to give it a horizontal arrangement. The new orientation inspired me to change the name as well. Rather than the image of stacked city condos I saw rows of vacation houses bordering the edge of the ocean. Their presence gave me the motivation to rename my piece Condos By The Sea.


The colors used for this item are not from my typical pallet. The blue fabric in the pieced center was leftover from a challenge project I participated in. Not wanting to waste the remaining remnants I chose to use them as building blocks for new art pieces. The colors that were combined in the making of this piece were present in the blue scraps. The vibrant array of fabrics adds an unequaled element of joy to my portfolio.


Added for interest was a royal blue border printed with flowing lines of fish and stars. Directly connected is a raucous multi-colored border that also has a printed design moving across its surface. The colors in this fabric repeat many of those seen in the pieced center.

Repeating the movement displayed in both borders are rows of quilting executed with a variegated thread containing the same color scheme as the multi-colored border. The flowing movement of the entire art piece mimics that of an ocean alive with ever-changing waves.

the transformation

City Condos has undergone quite the transformation.

Condos By The Sea, Art Piece # 44
City Condos, Art Piece # 44

In its original state the art quilt had a very plain facade.

Condos By The Sea, Art Piece # 44

Now it showcases a vibrant color pallet. The exuberance displayed by the delightful combination I believe echoes that of the families that might vacation in these condos.

In its finished state, Condos By The Sea measures 24” x 30”.

your thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “City Condos, Art Piece 44 Renovation

  1. city condos – meh (no offense)
    condos by the sea – let’s party!
    Seriously, the border in and of itself brings movement to the piece…
    Is this newly mounted on a canvas frame also?

    1. Laura, I agree with you! Condos by the Sea is way more exciting! I love the border too and yes this is newly mounted on a canvas…my latest fav! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Make today a good one! 🙂

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