Tropical Punch, Art Piece 79 Renovation

Making changes

Change does not have to be expensive; in fact it can cost you absolutely nothing. That’s what happens when I set-out to rearrange the furniture in my space. I am very fond of moving a chair here or a table there just to add a new vibe to a room. The impact of making such tiny adjustments can add so much flair to your environment yet add no expense to your budget.

I’ve been making changes to items in my portfolio since early this year. The changes are part of a movement I call Operation Renovation. Although not all of the tweaking has been without expense, the majority of the supplies have come from my present inventory.

The newest item to have been tackled measured 5 3/4” x 8 1/2”. Known as Tropical Punch, Art Piece 79 it was one of the tiniest members of the family. Let’s take a look at what transpired during the metamorphosis.

The transformation

The small footprint of Tropical Punch did not mean it had a quiet existence. The audacious color combination gave it an air of excitement unequaled by any other item in my portfolio. Even though its exuberant existence brought a smile to my heart anytime I saw it, I just knew I could add even more sparkle. So, I set out too harvest a few boisterous fabrics to add even more life to this already dancing gal.

Selected were three new borders; a jazzy yellow and gold stripe, a vibrant sour green and a tropical floral batik print. Giving those three a hug is a calming blue that echoes a color already used in the original design. Each of the added fabrics were embellished with straight-line stitching using matching colored threads. In its new form, Tropical Punch measures 16” x 20”. All of the enhancements, when combined together, add a punch that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. The newly renovated Tropical Punch truly lives up to its name.

see for yourself

Tropical Punch, Art Piece # 79 Before Renovation
Tropical Punch, Art Piece # 79 Before Renovation
Tropical Punch, Art Piece # 79 After Renovation
Tropical Punch, Art Piece # 79 After Renovation

Now doesn’t that just make you smile from ear to ear!

thank you!

I’m so glad we had this opportunity to catchup and witness the reveal of yet another amazing transformation. I know that you are clamoring to share your enthusiasm so why not put it in writing by adding a comment. I would love to read your feedback.

About Cindy

The world of art has always brought me joy. From my childhood explorations with chalk and paint to my creations using fabric and thread, I have utilized art as my vehicle to stretch my wings and explore the world around me.

My favorite art form has been given many names; I know it as “free-form” quilting. This direction has taken me on a journey resulting in the formation of more than 200 art pieces. Most of them center strictly around the manipulation of fabric. Some of the later pieces have added elements of hand stitchery. All of them have brought me an immense sense of joy.

I use this blog to share glimpses of my art and the environment in which it is created. Most of my art pieces are available for purchase. You may see a sampling of them at Raven’s Wish Gallery in Janesville, Wisconsin.

My art is periodically on display in a variety of venues. To learn about my current exhibits you may send an email to cindy [at] inastitchquilting [dot] com

Now go and create your own masterpiece. With warm hugs…

Cindy Anderson

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