Art Pieces 127-134

It’s been a long time since I shared updates on my newest and greatest projects. This year is almost 3/4 over yet I have so much to talk about. Let’s take a look at eight of my newer items.

Purple Rain, Art Piece # 127 was assembled from felt, a painted dryer sheet, a hand-made bead and a strip of recycled sari ribbon. The materials were embellished with seed stitch and French knots using purple and orange Perle cotton thread. The composition was mounted on an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame.

Purple Rain, AP 127
Purple Rain, Art Piece # 127

Giggle, Art Piece # 128 was created using a strip of grey, black and brown wool layered with scraps of cotton fabric. Attached for interest was a single charm containing a label marked with the word giggle. The charm was the inspiration for the name. The small art piece was also embellished with hand stitching using both grey and white Perle cotton. In its finished form the composition measures 8” x 10”.

Giggle, AP 128
Giggle, Art Piece # 128

Hippy Bell Bottoms, Art Piece #129 contains a square of beige wool layered with orange and blue cotton scraps. Also incorporated is a single white button. Decorative stitching was added using #5 and # 8 Perle cotton thread. Hippy Bell Bottoms was mounted on an 8” x 10” stretched canvas frame.

Hippy Bell Bottoms, AP 129
Hippy Bell Bottoms, Art Piece # 129

Seeing Red, Art Piece # 130 began with a layer of red cotton fabric. Added on top, with a simple running stitch, is a layer of grey wool and a hand-painted scrap of red cotton. The upper-most layer has a circular pattern of stitches secured in the center by an exposed knot. This one-of-a-kind art piece measures 8”x10” and is secured to a stretched canvas frame.

Seeing Red, AP 130
Seeing Red, Art Piece # 130

Butterscotch, Art Piece # 131 began with a layer of green wool. Layered above that is a gold colored wool and a fragment of a hand-painted dryer sheet. A single gold button rounds out the layers. Hand stitching was applied with color coordinated threads. This item was titled Butterscotch because of the golden colored wool fabric. The art piece was attached to a 8”x10” stretched canvas frame.

Butterscotch, AP 131
Butterscotch, Art Piece # 131

Spumoni, Art Piece # 132 was given its name because of the similarities between the coloring of the well-known dessert and this art piece. Serving as its base is a rectangle of bright orange wool, Directly above that are small scraps of cotton fabric. An oversized teal button was added for pizzazz. Perle cotton thread was used to embellish this item with hand stitching. The item was attached to an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame.

Spumoni AP 132
Spumoni, Art Piece # 132

In Orbit, Art Piece # 133 was created using a black, red and grey woven wool. Attached off-center is a shiny red button embellished with white dots. Circulating around the button is rows of running stitch added using a Perle cotton thread. Attached to an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame, it was given its name because of the circular pattern of stitches.

In Orbit, AP 133
In Orbit, Art Piece # 133

Feels Like Home, Art Piece # 134 began with a green, black and purple wool plaid. Running vertically above the wool is a strip of black cotton fabric. Also included was a horizontal white cotton strip with lettering. Situated on the far right is a metal flower button. Both machine and hand stitching were added for function and interest. This item was attached to an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame. The name given to this item was chosen because of the like-wording printed on the white fabric.

Feels Like Home, AP 134
Feels Like Home, Art Piece # 134

This brings to a close the unveiling of art pieces 127-134. I hope that you will have the opportunity to explore each of the photos.

thank you!

Before closing let me thank you for showing an interest in my activities. I am grateful for your participation and look forward to your comments.

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

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