Art Pieces 168-175

Have you ever heard of a purple leopard? I have; of course that’s because I created one. Whenever possible I like to give my fiber art pieces an unusual name. I had so much fun designing and executing the eight projects I’m sharing today, however, I think Purple Leopard was the most entertaining. All of today’s items were mounted on an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame.

Pleated, AP 168
Pleated, Art Piece # 168

The base for this item is a square of blue grey wool. The second layer is a woven blue and white cotton. I stitched several pleats in the fabric to give it an extra punch. The fabric elements as well as the elongated, color coordinated, glass bead were all hand stitched to the canvas. The title of this piece was assigned because of the added pleating.

Purple Leopard, AP 169
Purple Leopard, Art Piece 169

Acting as a base for this jazzy art piece is a loosely woven rectangle of blue wool. The wool was attached to the stretched canvas with a row of running stitch. Layered above the wool is a piece of hand painted dryer sheet. I used an alternating row of orange x’s and green French knots along with two rows of running stitch to secure the dryer sheet in place. The third fabric layer is a rectangle of spotted purple. A row of zigzag stitching was added to draw more attention to this fabric. To adhere the spotted fabric I used two rows of a black running stitch and a row of blue and green French knots. On top of the fabrics three beads were added. The first a square purple, the second an oblong blue and the third a tiny blue seed bead. The final design elements to be incorporated are the four dangling knotted threads with secured yellow beads. The spotted purple fabric was the inspiration for this project’s name.

Ruffled, AP 170
Ruffled, Art Piece # 170

The single strip of ruffled lace provided the inspiration for this project’s name. Beginning with a royal blue square of warm wool this project has four different layers. The second is an oddly shaped, reclaimed section of sari fabric. The third is the previously mentioned lace. The fourth and final feature is a two-tone blue button. Each of the fiber elements were attached to the canvas frame with matching colored threads using a simple running stitch. The button was secured in the usual fashion.

The Owl, AP 171
The Owl, Art Piece # 171

The silver and gold button situated near the bottom of the yellow carrier rod has, in my opinion, a resemblance similar to that of an owl. This association was the inspiration for the title of this art piece. Aside from the previously mentioned yellow carrier rod and the owl faced button, this small art project also contains two pieces of wool, the first one tan and the second a rust plaid. Except for the yellow carrier rod, the remaining fabrics are held in place with rows of a simple running stitch. The tan layer also contains two groupings of French knots. The carrier rod was attached with a rust colored thread.

The Caterpillar, AP 182
The Caterpillar, Art Piece # 172

I named this fiber art piece The Caterpillar because of the thread-wrapped wire bead located atop a large purple button. This small art project began with a square of purple wool. Added for a pop of color is the multi-colored, hand painted dryer sheet. The button and the wire bead make up the final additions. To secure the wool and dryer sheet to the canvas frame I first added a single row of running stitch bordering the perimeter of the fabric. The final embellishment is a circular pattern of stitches echoing around the button.

Sunshine Rose, AP 173
Sunshine Rose, Art Piece # 173

Near the top of this composition is a square, gold colored button with the image of a sun. This button, along with the rose colored sari fabric upon which it rests, provided the motivation for the title of my project. Serving as the base for the fiber art piece is a layer of red wool. To the fabrics I added multiple rows of running stitch. The hand stitching is what secures the fabrics to the stretched canvas frame.

Peach Surprise, AP 174
Peach Surprise, Art Piece # 174

I titled this multi layered fiber art project Peach Surprise because of the peach coloring. Beginning with a layer of peach colored wool this item has three other layers. The first is a scraggly edged, recycled strip of kantha cloth. A much smaller multi-colored section was layered directly above that. The final layer is a very unusual, fabric wrapped bead. Using rows of running stitch, strategically placed French knots and randomly applied X’s I was able to secure the fabrics in place. The fabric button was stitched in place with cotton thread.

Scrappy Tartan, AP 175
Scrappy Tartan, Art Piece # 175

I created this item using a layer of red wool, a multi-colored blue plaid, a scrap of kantha cloth with dangling fabric fringe and a single red button. Rows of French knots, running stitch, and carefully placed X’s help to secure the elements in place. I titled this item Scrappy Tartan because of the blue plaid wool and the scrappy edges of the kantha cloth.

After reading the stories of my newest projects I hope that you will be inspired to share your thoughts. Your participation makes this journey even more rewarding.

Thank you for visiting and sharing in my enthusiasm!

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson

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  1. I really enjoy your small pieces (and have to go back to see your long arm work as well!). It’s amazing what can be created with just a few components. I especially find it interesting to read the names you have given them after I have already enjoyed the pieces in their own. Sometimes it brings an entirely new interpretation!

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