Purple Leopard? Art Pieces 168-175

Pleated, AP 168

Have you ever heard of a purple leopard? I have! Of course that’s because I created one. I like giving my fiber art pieces unusual names; this one was particularly crazy. I had so much fun designing and executing the eight projects I’m sharing today; however, I think Purple Leopard was the most entertaining. To learn about my Purple Leopard and her seven other companions follow the links to her stories.

Art Pieces 168-171

Pleated, Art Piece 168

Purple Leopard, Art Piece 169

Ruffled, Art Piece 170

The Owl, Art Piece 171

Art Pieces 172-175

Caterpillar, Art Piece 172

Sunshine Rose, Art Piece 173

Peach Surprise, Art Piece 174

Scrappy Tartan, Art Piece 175

After reading the stories of my newest projects I hope that you will be inspired to share your thoughts. Your participation makes this journey even more rewarding.

Thank you for visiting and sharing in my enthusiasm!

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson

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