Are You a Fan Of Mulled Cider? Art Pieces 176-183

Mulled Cider AP 178

Many, Many Projects:

I have really enjoyed the process of sharing my completed 8×10 fiber art pieces. Over the last several weeks I have revealed thirty-eight uniquely designed specimens. Thirty-eight sounds like a lot but I have more than that yet to go and in fact, as I am writing this journal entry, I have made plans for another twenty.

Lots of Fun:

Designing and implementing these small art projects is a very contagious practice. The manageable size and portability make them easy to work with no matter where I am. Typically I spend several days pulling together various combinations of fabric. After setting aside a number of groupings I draw on my supplies of beads, buttons, lace, recycled sari and kantha cloth, as well as many, many other options, to add as embellishments.

A Change In Technique:

Up until now I have used white stretched canvas as the background for 99% of my 8×10’s. Lately I have decided to cover the canvas with fabric. This new technique adds a more striking element. Even though I am very fond of the white canvas background it’s always nice to change things up. The last photo shared in this post includes a fabric covered frame.

What’s In The Future:

For now I believe I will most likely continue to wrap my canvases with fabric; however, I have also considered making my own wood frames and stretching my own, unpainted canvas over the edges. Who knows what the future brings!

Let’s Wrap This Up:

I could go on talking about this art form but, with so many more items yet to be shared, it is time to wrap this entry up. Below you will find two collages. Both contain photos of four original art pieces. Directly beneath the photo collages are the names and links to their individual stories. I hope that you will take the time to click on each of them to explore their unusual features.

Thank You!

Before signing off I must express my gratitude for your continued support. Without your participation this blog would not survive.

Cindy Anderson

Ap 176-179 collage AP 176-179 collage

Jimenas Treasures, Art Piece # 176

Snap Decision, Art Piece # 177

Mulled Cider, Art Piece # 178

Blueberry Skull, Art Piece # 179

AP 180-183 collage Art Pieces 180-183 collage

Scalloped Edge, Art Piece # 180

Olive Drab Elevated, Art Piece # 181

Elaborate Flower, Art Piece # 182

Seeing Dots, Art Piece # 183

6 thoughts on “Are You a Fan Of Mulled Cider? Art Pieces 176-183

  1. The stitching on number 178 is spectacular. Enjoy making your next set of beautiful small works

    1. Thank you! I’m thrilled that you liked it.

  2. Oh Cindy that piece that is the featured image of your post is SO YUMMY! I love the color palette and the bead/design. Wow!

    1. You have made my day, week, month!!! Thank you. 🙂

  3. I really do like Mulled Cider. The hand stitching is quite artful. And I like your technique of sewing it straight to the stretched canvas.

    1. That is so sweet of you to say. You are the first person so say that (about the canvases) Thank you!