Watch Out For The One Eyed Monster! Art Pieces 192-199

One Eyed Monster?:

Halloween is only days away. All around me I see the holiday decorations of my neighbors. The most prominent of which are the inflated images of pumpkins, monsters and ghosts. Typically we join up with our children and grandchildren to share a meal and walk about a neighborhood trick-or-treating. Given the ever-present pandemic the visit to neighboring homes will be eliminated. In place of those festivities we have plans for games and other activities. Our group is small and the home at which we will gather is large enough for social distancing. I’ve even surveyed my grandchildren to learn about their favorite candies. Even though they won’t fill their bags with candy from the neighbors I will make certain I do my part.

The closeness of Halloween makes this the perfect time to reveal my art piece called One Eyed Monster. I have been spending the last several postings talking about my 8”x10” finished projects; today’s entry continues on that same track.

Fabric Background:

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have made a shift in how I start my 8”x10” projects. Originally my small stitching  pieces were attached to a naked stretched canvas frame. By naked I mean that the white canvas was left as is. This method had been my preferred style; I thought the starkness of the white canvas and the rough texture added their own type of element. I even liked how rustic my name looked when it was written on the  canvas.

As time went by I wanted to add even more interest to my compositions. Incorporating fabric as a base for my projects gave me another opportunity to expand my art even further. All of the fiber art pieces that I am sharing today and in the future will begin with a fabric background.

The Layers:

As you could tell by the title of this journal entry, I will be revealing fiber art pieces 192-199. They continue with the shift I made from using plain white backgrounds to fabric. Each project begins first with the stretched canvas frame. If I were creating a typical quilt the first layer of the sandwich would be a fabric backing; in this instance it is the canvas frame. Next to follow is a layer of batting, white or black depending upon the color intensity of the next fabric; the batting helps to give the frames edges a more rounded appearance. The third element is the fabric that will serve as the composition’s background. This addition holds a very important function as it sets the theme for everything else that will follow.

Once the three layers of the sandwich have been established it is time to start assembling the decorative features. The parameters for those items is wide open; the only limitation here is your imagination. I’ve been known to use as many as four layers of fabric and or embellishments. I also like to include a variety of doodads such as lace, buttons, beads and snaps, to name a few.

Finishing Touches:

The finishing touch is the hand or machine stitching. This process can make or break your final outcome. It also can be the most enjoyable step. Here is where you can either stay low-key or go hog wild. I let the initial image of the fiber art piece sink in for a while. This gives me a chance to get a feel for the possible avenues I might follow. Once my thought process is complete I gather up the thread colors I will use, thread my needle and get to work. Even though I map out a plan of attack for my stitching that doesn’t mean I can’t change my mind along the way. There have been many times when I have decided to go in an entirely different direction. All that matters is that the final outcome looks wonderful.

Without Further Ado:

Let me introduce you to items 192-199!

Art Pieces 192-195
Art Pieces 192-195

One Eyed Monster, Art Piece # 192

EcoPrint, Art Piece # 193

Shiny Blue Moon, Art Piece # 194

Navel Orange, Art Piece # 195

Art Pieces 196-199
Art Pieces 196-199

Raspberry Orange Slush, Art Piece # 196

Hashtag, Art Piece # 197

Bruised, Art Piece # 198

Floating Stars, Art Piece # 199

Your Thoughts:

Did the One Eyed Monster scare you?

I hope that you enjoyed seeing and reading about each of the eight projects; especially the One Eyed Monster!  If time allows, please share your thoughts in a comment.

Thank You!

Happy Halloween!

Cindy Anderson

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson