Fusion II, Art Piece # 123

Fusing Fabric:

While participating in a Sue Benner class in September, 2019, I created this fiber art composition. Part of the instruction included learning Sue’s fabric fusing techniques. This small item contains a grouping of fabrics that were fused to a solid black cotton. The black fabric gives the pieced center prominence.


To make the fabric collage I used small sections of raw-edged fabrics gathered from multiple sources. One of the fragments was from a polyester shirt and three other bits have fabric paint added to them. All were overlapped at least 1/4” to eliminate gaps.


To embellish the colorful fabrics I added lines of quilting with a variegated thread. On the black cotton I used like-colored thread to machine stitch stitch straight lines in a pattern echoing around the pieced center.

The outer edges of the black material are protected by a facing. To aide in display a hanging sleeve was added to the back. Also attached to the back is a hand-stitched label. In its finished state, my finished fiber art quilt measures 12” x 15”.

The Finished Piece:

Fusion II, AP 123
Fusion II, Art Piece # 123
Fusion II, AP 123, Back
Fusion II, Art Piece # 123, Back

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