Rectangles and Squares, Art Piece # 167

A learning experience:

I participated in a 2019 class taught by Sue Benner, a well-known fiber artist. The theme of the class was fabric fusing. Each project contains a backing, batting and of course a fabric layer. The top layer is created from fabric that has a fusible material adhered to the back. From those manipulated fibers shapes are cut. The shapes are overlapped 1/4” and fused onto a surface. Those steps are then repeated until a finished design has been achieved. Once finished the entire composition is peeled off in one piece and permanently fused to the batting.

My Project:

I used a variety of materials in my composition. Among them you will see hand dyed fabrics, hand stamped squares, and cheese cloth with raveling edges. Even the cheese cloth had a layer of fusible attached to it.

Once the layers had cooled it was time to add the quilting and other finishing touches. I quilted mine with a variegated thread. Using my sewing machine I stitched an all-over square-like pattern that emulated the shapes of my fabrics. I completed my composition with a binding, hanging sleeve and a hand stitched label. My finished fiber art piece measures 13 3/8” x 13 3/8”.

assigned identity:

Before creating the label for my project I needed to select a name. I chose to call it Rectangles and Squares because of the shapes that were used in the assembling of my piece.

Rectangles and Squares, AP 167
Rectangles And Squares, Art Piece # 167

a favorite:

I have used this process to create several other items. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend Sue’s class and learn her techniques. This process is one my favorite methods to use. Listed below are some of the items that I have made which use the same technique.

thank you!

Before closing let me thank you for showing an interest in my activities. I am grateful for your participation and look forward to your comments.

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

6 thoughts on “Rectangles and Squares, Art Piece # 167

  1. I do love the technique and movement of this piece. I imagine it took quite a while for you to choose the colors, fabrics and placement of each square and rectangle. They are so lovely together!

    1. Thank you so much. I very much enjoy selecting fabric colors and arranging and rearranging their placement. I especially like to incorporate unusual textures. ❤️

    1. It is an interesting process. I enjoy learning new techniques. The variety helps to keep my fiber art practice fun and exciting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ❤️

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