Dancing Tootsies, Art Piece # 124

I took a class led by Sue Benner in 2019. During a nearly week long adventure she shared her fabric fusing and mono printing techniques. On one particular day we were instructed to design an art piece based upon a photograph or drawing. My inspirational photo (sorry but I no longer have it) contained three abstract flowers. The photo below is of my first attempt to recreate or emulate the flowers.

Dancing Tootsies, AP 124
Dancing Tootsies, Art Piece # 124

I really had a great time designing and assembling this composition. My love of color and my fondness for bold prints was reflected in my fabric choices. To give my piece even more interest I added embellishments. Near the bottom a hand dyed strip of rickrack was attached and in the center of each flower I stacked a circle of wool and three beads. I have included a closeup of the embellishments in the photo below.

Dancing Tootsies, AP 124, Closeup
Dancing Tootsies, Art Piece # 124, Closeup

As with all other art quilts, this specimen was layered with a batting and backing. The art piece was quilted with threads that both blend and yet add sparkle at the same time. Dancing Tootsies measures 13”x13”.

I was in a very playful mood when I was creating the Dancing Tootsies. As I assembled the flowers I had a vision of them dancing to the beat of a song. Their imaginary antics made me giggle which got my mind rolling and well…the rest is history. Dancing Tootsies, with their jazzy attire and funny name make a wonderful addition to my collection.

If you agree that Dancing Tootsies was worth seeing just wait until you read my next post!

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5 thoughts on “Dancing Tootsies, Art Piece # 124

  1. This is so fun, Cindy! I can see the feet tapping and the tootsies hopping about. It must be some good music they are dancing to! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Oh absolutely! They have the volume cranked up and the doors and windows open to let the music fill the neighborhood. 🤣 Thank you for sharing in their enthusiasm! ❤️

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