Cozy Cobblestone

Some time ago Tierney over at Tierney Creates contacted me to ask about quilting another one of her projects. This would be the second time I would have the honor of working with her. I received her quilt called Cozy Cobblestone early in October.

Cozy Cobblestone-1.jpg

We traded information back and forth discussing thread color and stitch patterns. Tierney chose antique gold for her thread. For her stitch design she gave me permission to quilt as I saw fit. I get all excited when my customers set me free to decide. Being able to adjust my designs based upon the fabrics and quilt design is like saying I can have as much chocolate as I want. 🙂

Cozy Cobblestone-2.jpg

I had an awesome time working with Tierney’s Cozy Cobblestone. I used a variety of stitch patterns on her quilt. As you can see from the photos I incorporated both straight and curvy lines.

Cozy Cobblestone-3.jpg

Before I even started to work with her project I thought is was an absolutely beautiful quilt. I really enjoyed her use of color and the unique quilt pattern. By the time I had reached the very last row I was blown away with how much more stunning it looked. Do I should a bit excited! 🙂

Cozy Cobblestone-4.jpg

I am so pleased with the final outcome. Tierney is my dream customer. She is so easy to work with. Hopefully she will give me the opportunity again someday.

Cozy Cobblestone-5.jpg

I feel truly blessed to have the group of customers that I work with. They give me amazing projects and opportunities to expand my talents beyond my wildest imagination. Here’s to the In A Stitch Quilting customers! You are what it is all about! 🙂