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First Year Quilt: Part Five – The Finale

A quilt from start to finish takes innumerable hours, resources and patience. The quilt I’m sharing with you today was purchased in 2013 from a shop, which is no longer in business, called Acorn Quilts. I’ve absolutely enjoyed piecing it together; watching it blossom from fabric strips in a package

IMG_5117to a finished quilt.

The quilt, known as the First Year Quilt, was finished in May. With so many activities and obligations on my calendar the quilt has had to wait patiently for this day to arrive. Rather than bore you with any more details, you may read about those by following the links at the bottom of this page, I will now share with you my finished product.


First_Year_Quilt_2My Favorite Block in the First Year Quilt


First_Year_Quilt_4First Year Quilt Top


First_Year_Quilt_6Back of First Year Quilt

Well there it is! After only three years it has finally been added to my finished quilts list. I hope you have enjoyed following along with this saga. If you missed a few steps along the way here are the promised links.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. I really appreciate your visit. If you like what you have seen and read, why not become a follower or better yet share my blog with your friends. Also, I love receiving input from my readers. If you feel inspired, leave a comment. I would enjoy reading your input.

I look forward to your return visit.

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Look What I Got

I am a lover of reinvention; whether it be through the disassembly of an old, ugly quilt(s) or through the revitalization of a tired old metal structure. The revival of a metal piece is my focus for today.

Recently I had the pleasure of acquiring this splendid, sadly in need of attention, metal cart. I came across it at the home of a family member. They were in the process of packing the last of their belongings from their home that had recently been sold.

Leftover was a stash of old wooden doors that had been stored in the rafters of the garage (more about them later). Being very aware of my love for old things and my desire to give them new life they had offered me the opportunity to take possession of the doors. I had agreed to give them a new home, sight unseen. This was the last day the family would be at the home so it was now or never.

As we parked our truck, with its eight foot box, and got out to walk the extended gravel driveway I spied this adorable, what I would call tea cart, on my left, in my peripheral vision. Once the cart caught my eye I knew I had to inquire about its fate.

Not many people would be drawn to a rusty old piece such as this one but I could see huge potential. Visions of a wire brush, rust inhibitor and aqua spray paint surfaced in my mind. Oh the possibilities. Somehow I just knew that cart was pleading with me to take it home.

I wasn’t shy at all to ask about the cart. After all, a question unasked can never be answered. No sense waiting for an invitation. The answer was not what I wanted to hear. The cart was already spoken for. Oh, how sad! Well at least I had the opportunity to dream and it wasn’t destined for the trash.

A day or two later I received a text message from the family. The cute little cart, that I had so lovingly taken a liking to, was the subject of the message. On the screen of my smart phone was the question I thought I would never see. The family wanted to know if I was still interested in owning the cart. GASP! Need they ask!!! Of course I was interested. :o)

Days later I traveled to their home, with the trunk of my car empty, to retrieve my new possession. After carefully removing the glass top the cart was slid inside the trunk. The wavy patterned glass was placed inside my vehicle to provide a softer ride home.

I am very happy to report that both the metal frame as well as the slightly used, wavy glass top made it safely to its destination. As you could see from the photo below, my new cart is currently residing precariously in my front landscaping.


Time now to get to work. Today I made a trip to a big box store to acquire supplies for my new friend. All of the items mentioned above were added to my shopping cart. Unfortunately I will need to postpone the initiation of the project for a while. The weather has been particularly hot and humid, thus inhospitable to painting of any nature.

For now I can only dream of my tea cart’s transformation. Stay close by for updates on my project.

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to sharing time with you again.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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Miss M’s Quilt is Finished

After months and months of work I’m happy to report that a quilt for Miss M. has also been finished. I’ve been busily applying finishing touches to as many of my own projects as possible. As is usually the case my things are set aside to make way for customer quilts. Miss M’s was one of those.

Delivery of this quilt took place on the same day and in the same fashion as Miss L’s. Miss M was of course over-the-top excited to receive her very own Nana quilt. After making the delivery her mother shared that she could be seen walking around the house with the quilt draped around her.

How special to have had the opportunity to make a quilt for her. I just know she will be thrilled with it for years to come.

Please enjoy the following photos

Miss M Quilt RevealMiss M

Miss M QuiltMiss M’s Quilt

Miss M Quilt BackThe Back of Miss M’s Quilt

Miss M Quilt Stitch SampleFlowers for Miss M

Miss M PillowSweet Dreams Miss M

Miss L and Miss M with QuiltsAll Smiles!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


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Meal Train

Two weeks ago today my newest grandson was born. Our family has established a tradition of orchestrating a schedule to provide meals to the family for the first two weeks at home. I am a very enthusiastic participant for several reasons. First of all it gives me extra time to spend with our newest family member. I just love being able to cuddle with the tiny little person. Of course the added bonus is being with my daughters and their other children. All of them add so much joy to my life.

Today is one of my self designated days to provide a meal to the family. Even though the weather outside is predicted to be sweltering I’ve decided to prepare a meal filled with comfort foods. The wonders of air conditioning are what will make it all possible.

Of the items on the menu are Chicken Parisienne (a family favorite) and a recipe from Betty Crocker called Angel Toffee Dessert. To round off the meal I will add a vegetable as well as some type of fruit. I realize that this may not be a menu that would be added to the list of healthy options but I don’t care. It’s my last scheduled meal train visit and I’m going to make it a comfort food extravaganza.

Here are the latest photos to be added to my family photo album.

Ms Katie.jpg

My daughter Ms Katie and Mr. B

Miss A.jpgMr. B’s sister Miss A

Time for me to get organized and set this meal in motion.

Thanks for being a part of my day! I look forward to your next visit.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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I Didn’t Make It!

I just got home from my monthly shopping trip at Quilt-agious to collect my one yard of free fabric.

While I tried really hard (well at least for the first few seconds) to refrain from purchasing more fabric, I must admit I failed. But, I’m not sad at all. Who can complain about spending money on only two yards of fabric anyway? In fact, I think I did quite good.

Here’s what I purchased. Now remember, one of these three yards was free.


Not to bad I’d say!

Last month was a different story. I didn’t even come close to bringing home only one yard of fabric. I went way past my goal. I even did a bit of shopping on-line at Artistic Artifacts and at Mill House Quilts in Waunakee, as well as several other shops.

Here’s what was added to my fabric stash in June

There’s quite a variety of colors and patterns represented by these fabrics. Just imagine how wonderful they will look in my new art pieces.

Thanks for sharing your time with me! I look forward to our next visit.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


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Yard Number Two


First_Year_Quilt_2I’m about to set out on my second trip to Quilt-agious in Mukwonago. The purpose of this trip is to acquire my second of twelve free yards of fabric. I will be joining my friend Barb M and her traveling companion Marcia. My mantra is to only come home with my free fabric. That means I am going to resist all temptation to make any other purchases. Let’s see how I do. Wish me luck!


Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting