My Bags Are Packed

My bags are packed

I’m ready to go,

I’m standing here outside (the) door…..

Ah, remember that song by John Denver…..

It’s repeatedly circulating through my head right now. You know one of those “ear worms.” I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. Must because I am all packed and ready to go. Heading to the great north for my sewing bonanza with my friend Barb M. All that’s left to do is throw in the few odds and ends that always seem to be packed at the last minute, hop in the car and head to our meeting place. Before leaving I just wanted to say one last hello and share with you a little snippet about my day yesterday.


Yesterday while working on a few projects and gathering up the last of the items to be packed I received a sweet face time call from my youngest granddaughter. She wanted to know if Nana could come over to play. Miss A was very sad when she heard that I was stuck at home and couldn’t go to her home. Tears started to roll down her face as she handed the phone to her mommy.

Plans were made for her to come to my house later in the afternoon. When she arrived she announced to her mommy, “you go now.” Like a big girl she wanted to stay with Nana all by herself. Mommy obliged and left the two of us alone to play. We busied ourselves with puzzles, popcorn and some of her favorite television programs. It fills my heart with joy to know that my grandchildren want to spend time with me. There’s nothing better.


Miss A.jpg


Miss A_Puzzles.jpg


Well the clock is telling me it’s time to wrap things up. I hope to send out updates while I am at the retreat. They don’t have television but they do have WiFi so I still have my connection to the outside world. If I get too wrapped up in my sewing I can always take lots of photos and share them later.

Take care! Have a Great day!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting



Getting Ready

As I walked out into my kitchen this morning I glanced over at these two quilts resting on my dining room table. The bright sunshine bouncing across their surfaces is what caught my eye. One of them is for my grandson Mr. B and the other I was commissioned to make for a relative’s granddaughter. I’ll post more about them once I have finished their bindings.

Mr B and Ms Q Quilts.jpg

I’ve been busily wrapping up the longarm quilting on three different quilts, these two were among them, adding bindings and brainstorming about what to pack for my retreat at the Woodland Ridge Retreat Center. The dust hasn’t even begun to settle from the flurry of activity. The constant commotion has my mind racing with all that needs to be accomplished as well as what projects to pack for my adventure.

You know, of course I will pack enough UFO’s (unfinished objects) to keep me busy for years to come. I would rather take along a plethora of options than hit a road block because of missing fabrics, appropriate threads, or what ever other item I forgot to pack. If I find myself at a stopping point on the first quilt I tackle, there will be plenty more to choose from.

Of course a roadblock of any kind could always open up the option of heading out on an adventure to explore the fabric stores in the surrounding area. This retreat is a total free-for-all. No organized classroom time involved. It’s just a bunch of ladies gathering together to get away, rest, relax and sew uninterrupted to our heart’s content. Some of us will put our noses to the grind-stone to accomplish as much as possible while others just veg.

Definitely coming along on my sewing marathon will be the UFO’s I inherited from my mother.


Moms Quilts_9687

Moms Quilts_9686

Moms Quilts_9716

Moms Quilts_9684

Moms Quilts_9683

I’ve made it my mission to finish them before she’s no longer with us. She turned 85 last fall so I feel a sense of urgency. I’ve given each quilt my own personal designation as far as priority. The first one to be tackled will be this one.


Well I think I better get back to my planning. Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes for a productive day in your creative journey!

On My Table Today

My day has been filled with a variety of tasks. On the much desired side is this project. I started working on it during the super bowl. Obviously this is only one small piece and does not in any way represent the amount of work that has gone into the project as a whole. I originally introduced you to the inception of this vision way back here. You’ll have to check back if you want to watch my momentum and read more about the entire quilt. This photo is just meant to be a teaser and my way of saying hello today.

This Little Guy

This little guy lives in the bottom of my dish towel drawer.  He’s stitched to a homemade, linen bag that my oldest daughter Jenny gave me a long time ago. The bag is meant to hold a loaf of bread.

There was an era when Jenny had the time to make bread. Those days are few and far between. She is wrapped up in the task of home-schooling her three children. Anything she touches, whether it be bread-making, home-schooling as well as her talent for sewing is done with excellence. I’m very proud of what she has accomplished and the wonderful person that she is.

While putting away a stack of clean dish towels recently I saw this little guy looking up at me and it spurred me on to jokingly send her a text message. This is what I said:


This little guy lives in my dish towel drawer. Every time I pull open that drawer I see him. Perhaps sometime he will once again wrap himself around a warm loaf of homemade bread. Hint, Hint!

She replied:

LOL, I’ll keep that in mind.

You know, it never hurts to ask! The worst she could say is “No.” On the other hand, a maybe is way better that no. I’ll keep hoping she can sneak in the time to make a fresh, steaming, hot loaf of yummy homemade bread. Until then, every time I open that drawer and see the little orange birdie he will help to keep the dream alive.

For now….

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting