AQ # 29: Pink Cadillac

A Dream

In my earlier days I dabbled in the Mary Kay Cosmetics arena. My dream was to become a successful salesperson; unfortunately my achievements fell way short of my goal. Even though my efforts didn’t net me the mega dollars I dreamed of earning, I still have fun doing it.

No Possible Way

One of the coveted Mary Kay awards was a pink Cadillac. This pink Cadillac (auto dealers would tell you the color was actually salmon) was a well-known symbol of success. Anyone familiar with the organization knew exactly what it meant. There was absolutely no way I was ever going to receive a pink Cadillac. Even so, the image and its associated significance has stuck with me all these years.

The Runt

This little guy is the runt of the litter; the tiniest one yet to be declared finished. Art Quilt # 29 is the last in a line of seven mini improv art quilts all of which began with 15 Minutes of Play. Being a cast-off or remnant from the original home-made scrap fabric did not mean its future was bleak. Oh, quite the contrary!

A Little Polish

This small grouping of scraps required very little manipulation. All it took was a little polish here and a few stitches there. Once these minor renovations were complete the tiny quilt reached the “Aha” moment. The point in time when the author, me, declares the process finished.

For Art Quilt # 29 the moment arrived when I saw the fragments of pink fabric; the woven pink threads triggered my Mary Kay pink Cadillac memories. Obviously the pink scraps and a Cadillac share no resemblance; the only thing they have in common is the color family they belong to and their associated memory. Art Quilt # 29 won’t bring me financial wealth just like my Mary Kay sales. Art Quilt # 29 will, however, bring me joy and that’s what this endeavor is all about. Need I say more!

Art Quilt # 29 needs no further introduction. Let me present Art Quilt # 29: Pink Cadillac.

Art Quilt # 29: Pink Cadillac
Art Quilt # 29: Pink Cadillac

From Scraps, to Fabric, to Art Piece

My quest to process scraps, from fabric, into mini improv art quilts has officially been achieved. Thank you so much for being a faithful follower. Your continued support through your regular visits has meant so much.

Now is not the time to change your ways. Stay connected to watch as each of these seven mini art pieces have their finishing touches applied. As each of those milestones are achieved I will share with you the updates.

If by some strange chance you missed the reveal of the other six quilts you can find links to them below.

Now go out and participate in whatever art form inspires or invigorates you!