Textured Tweety

Our local public radio station helps to sponsor the quilt expo in Madison. It’s a huge annual event with numerous vendors displaying and selling their goods, demonstrations, lectures and classes. I’ve only been attending the event for about five years. Just imagine all the fun I missed out on before that!

Prior to the expo a multi-page brochure is mailed to potential participants. Usually I browse through looking to see what’s being offered, then toss it into the recycle bin. For some unknown reason this year was different. Perhaps it was the shared excitement of my friends on social media. Whatever it was I had this craving to devour every word. As I thumbed through the leaflet I found myself turning over the corners on several pages. These were the pages advertising the available classes.

Deciding which class to attend was difficult. If I could find a way to be in multiple places at one time I definitely would have tried. In the end I registered to participate in a class led by Wendy Butler Berns.

The class was titled Textured Tweety. I chose this three hour class because it would provide tips and tricks on the utilization of texture in art pieces. The products mentioned were unfamiliar to me. I figured why not expand my knowledge and adopt some of her methods. I found the class to be very fast-paced yet informative. I learned a lot during those three short hours.

As is often the case, I did not come home with a finished project. Given the size of the class, the different skill-levels and the amount of information we had to cover there was no way we could finish. It is sort of sad because I find that to be the biggest drawback of attending classes. So often the time allowed falls far short of whats needed. I had hoped to be much further along at the end of the morning but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Sigh

Here’s photos of the fabrics I chose for my project and the progress I made.

Textured Tweety Fabric Choices

Textured Tweety In Progress

If you use your imagination I think you can visualize how my Textured Tweety should look. Tweety currently is just resting on the faux branch. I still have to cut around the bird to remove the excess fabric, attach her to the branch and add her legs. She also needs an eye and a wing. The sun in the upper left corner also needs to be cut out, attached to the sky and have emanating rays added. Other than those loose ends I still have to sew the two background fabric pieces together, fuse the teal sky to the background and add embellishments. After thats all taken care of I need to make a quilt sandwich, quilt it and add either facings or a binding. Last but not least I must make a label and give my birdie a name. Whew! Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it! Makes me tired just thinking about it. 🙂

I promise I will share the finished Tweety when and if I am successful. Perhaps if you cheer me on I just might make it! Let’s hear it for Tweety!