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New Art Pieces 127-134

Butterscotch, AP 131

I can’t even remember the last time I shared updates on my newest and greatest projects. This year is almost 3/4 over yet I have so much to talk about. To start the process I thought I would include photos and links to a few of the items; listed below are eight of them. Click on either the photo or the name to read the details of each art piece.

I hope you enjoy the tour.

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.

Until next time…

Cindy Anderson

Purple Rain, AP 127 Purple Rain, Art Piece 127
Giggle, AP 128 Giggle, Art Piece # 128
Hippy Bell Bottoms, AP 129 Hippy Bell Bottoms, Art Piece 129
Seeing Red, AP 130 Seeing Red, Art Piece # 130
Butterscotch, AP 131 Butterscotch, Art Piece # 131
Spumoni AP 132 Spumoni, Art Piece # 132
In Orbit, AP 133 In Orbit, Art Piece # 133
Feels Like Home, AP 134 Feels Like Home, Art Piece # 134



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An Opportunity

Purple Rain, AP 127

Solo Exhibit Continues

Not too very long ago I shared news of my solo exhibit at Raven’s Wish Gallery. The exhibit will be on display until August 25, 2020. All of the items are available for purchase.

In Other News

I have been researching the many internet options available for selling my fiber art pieces. After a great deal of thought, along with a bit of nail biting, I have finally decided to open a retail shop here at my blog address. After navigating most of the hurdles I am extremely proud to announce that the online store is finally open! Horray! Although the number of items I have been able to load is small in comparison to what I have on hand I’m still very pleased. As time arrises I will add additional items.

Time To Shop!

Now that I can finally declare my store open for business it’s time to get shopping. You can access it by clicking on the SHOP heading near the top of my page. Also, here’s a link to one of the very first projects to be added. The item is called AP 127 Purple Rain.

Art Piece 127 Purple Rain
AP 127 Purple Rain

thank you!

I can’t sign off without expressing my sincere appreciation for your interest in my journal and the many projects I share. Your participation is absolutely necessary to the continued success of this platform. With much certainty, I am confident that you have questions or comments you would like to contribute. Thank you in advance for sharing them.

About Cindy

The world of art has always brought me joy. From my childhood explorations with chalk and paint to my creations using fabric and thread, I have utilized art as my vehicle to stretch my wings and explore the world around me.

My favorite art form has been given many names; I know it as “free-form” quilting. This direction has taken me on a journey resulting in the formation of more than 200 art pieces. Most of them center strictly around the manipulation of fabric. Some of the later pieces have added elements of hand stitchery. All of them have brought me an immense sense of joy.

I use this blog to share glimpses of my art and the environment in which it is created. Most of my art pieces are available for purchase. You may see a sampling of them at Raven’s Wish Gallery in Janesville, Wisconsin.

My art is periodically on display in a variety of venues. To learn about my current exhibits you may send an email to cindy [at] inastitchquilting [dot] com

Now go and create your own masterpiece. With warm hugs…

Cindy Anderson