Friday Favorites: Five Guys

IMG_7639_ffWelcome back to Friday Favorites.

Today we’ll be making a visit to another one of my favorite food joints.  After reading about it I have a hunch you will be hungry.

Five Stars

While traveling home from the dentist I grabbed my iPad and made preparations to write today’s post.  You might be wondering how I could write a blog post while driving?  The answer is I was the passenger.  With my iPad open and ready I audibly announced “Friday Favorites.”  My hubby is well acquainted with my blog and it’s topics.  He’s my biggest fan.  I can always count on him to give me a five-star rating.  After hearing my announcement he instantly responded with “Five Guys!”

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Curious how Five Guys Burgers and Fries popped into his head and how he was so quick to make the suggestion?  Well perhaps it’s because we had just left their parking lot.  Every six months my hubby and I make a visit to the dentist to have our teeth cleaned.  After the appointment we typically share a meal at one of the nearby restaurants.  Since discovering a Five Guys just down the road this restaurant is now his number one choice.  My husband absolutely loves burgers and fries.  Especially the ones at Five Guys.

Yummy Burgers

I have to admit they do have a way with burgers and fries.  The traditional fast food burger can’t even begin to compete with Five Guys’ burgers.  If you desire

  • a plump and juicy
  • fresh, never frozen beef burger
  • custom-made to your specifications
  • topped with your choice of no less than fifteen different toppings
  • crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, fresh-cut, skin-on french fries

then you too will be more than pleased with a visit to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Just Wondering

So, are you at all tempted?

No matter how you answered that question I’m so thankful you stopped by. Before you go, leave me a comment with the name of your favorite burger restaurant.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Tea and Art: Saw Tooth Star

Fun With My Grandchildren

Tea & Art is an activity I participate in with my oldest daughter and her three children. During the school year we make an attempt to get together on as many Tuesdays as possible. Sometimes the event is carried through into the summer.

Let’s Do It At My House!

I volunteered to host this session of Tea & Fart at my home. On the menu was of course a variety of teas, one to suit everyone’s taste buds, plus a yummy dessert prepared by my daughter.

IMG_9036_newOn the activity agenda was the reading of poetry and a previously chosen project. The item we would be making was a a quilt square. The theme for the quilt square was the Civil War. My daughter home schools her kiddos. Part of the curriculum this year is the study of the Civil War. Used as the resource material is the book The Civil War for Kids.

IMG_9040_newWhich Pattern?

To commemorate their studies my daughter picked the Sawtooth Star, also known as North Star block. The pattern and instructions were found at I donated the fabric from my stash. My daughter prepared, cut and marked the fabric pieces beforehand. The Sawtooth Star is a fairly simple block to make, especially with adult supervision.

Help From the Kids

Mr. J, my oldest grandchild, did most of his own machine stitching. This wasn’t his first exposure to operating a sewing machine so he did quite well.

IMG_9051Miss L, my second grandchild had never operated a sewing machine before. Since it was her first time it was very slow going. As you can see from the photo she concentrated very hard on stitching a straight line. With my assistance and a bit of tearing out of stitches the two of us managed to complete her block.

My third grandchild, Miss M, is two years younger than her sister. Her age and her size make it somewhat difficult for her to run the machine by herself. However, she worked diligently at learning the art of guiding fabric, operating the foot pedal and keeping her fingers and hands out of the needles path. In spite of her age and lack of experience she still managed to sew at least one row of stitches.


Time to Press

You can’t learn how to sew without learning how to press seams. All three of my grandkids took their turn at that as well. Only one of them had first-hand experience with the heat of an iron on skin.

Two Hours Later

After about two hours we were successful at assembling all three quilt blocks. All we have left to do now is the quilting and binding. Those activities were postponed until a later date. Below are photos of all three blocks.


As further progress occurs I will share an update.

Cindy Anderson

Fragrances in the Air

IMG_5673My Little Cabin in the Woods has been the topic of several postings. Today’s entry is another one in that series. My topic of interest is the memories or experiences  detected by my sense of smell.

While living in the woods one is exposed to, or graced by a multitude of fragrances. Some of them are natural to the area and some are not. Some are pleasant and some are not.

On the natural and pleasant side is the strong scent emanating from the towering pines that surround me, the spell of moist earth, the perfumed fragrance of the abundant flowers and the fresh aroma of the forest just after a rainfall. Staying yet in the pleasing category I would also add the enjoyable experience of wood burning in a campfire as well as the fragrance of cooking food.

IMG_0363When thinking of those experiences that would be unpleasant I could only think of two. The scent emitted by a skunk and the undesired, nose pinching odor of sewage being pumped from my Little Cabin in the Woods. Both of them I would much rather avoid.

Whether pleasant or undesired, smells are everywhere. The way in which we react to them is different for each one of us.. Even though there are some things I would rather not experience I am grateful that my sense of smell is intact. My life is much richer because of it.