Friday Favorites: Yet More Chocolate

Friday Favorites

Lately I seem to be focusing on chocolate. Who knows why? It could just be simply because I like it!

We follow a modified Paleo diet. Snack bars that fit this food profile are few and far between. Most bars contain grains, peanuts or lots of sugar. All of these are not included in the Paleo lifestyle.

Trying to find even one that comes close to fitting takes a lot of research. I’ve read many, many labels hoping to find just one that comes close. So often one of the first two ingredients automatically eliminates it.

Not to long ago I found one that I think is too close to pass up. The bar is made by Larabar and its called

Uber Dark Chocloate Pecan with Sea Salt Flavor

It’s positive attributes are:

  • It has dark chocolate in it
  • There are only nine ingredients
  • It is Non-GMO
  • It is Gluten Free

I highly recommend adding this bar to your shopping list. Try it! I know you will like the yummy combination of sweet and salty, chocolate and crunch.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting



I do not in any way receive compensation from Larabar. I simply share my experience because I like the product.


Friday Favorites: My All-Time Favorite Food

Friday Favorites

There is one food that resides at the very top of my favorite foods list. Studies have been done by numerous people and organizations on this food. Those studies have yielded multiple health benefits derived from consuming it which means I am absolutely thrilled that I can experience positive changes in my health just by eating it.

What is IT?

My all-time favorite food is


But, not just any chocolate. It has to be dark chocolate with a cacao content of 75% or higher.

My current chocolate bar of choice is:

Alter Eco’s Dark Blackout

with a cacao content of 85%.

Why did I choose it?

  • There are only four ingredients
  • It is on the Fair Trade list
  • Has a minimum of 85% cacao
  • Non GMO
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Carbon Neutral Product
  • Certified Organic

Now all of these traits are great to boast about but my overwhelming reason for eating this chocolate is the taste. I like rich, dark chocolate. PERIOD!

Buy a bar.

Try it.

If you are not afraid of the dark side I’m confident you will like it!


Cindy Anderson


Disclaimer: I do not in any way receive compensation from Alter Eco. I simply enjoy eating their product.

Friday Favorites: The Block

Friday FavoritesWelcome to Friday Favorites!

Over the years I have tried a variety of magazines with topics ranging from food to quilting to the arts. Some of them I received via subscription while others were purchased on an occasional basis from the newsstand. For one reason or another all but one of my subscriptions has expired. The only one surviving the ax is Block by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Block by Missouri Star Quilt Company_The magazine, a quarterly publication, is available either by individual copy or via subscription through Missouri Star Quilt Company’s website. The publication has been in print since 2014. I began receiving it midway through that year. Unlike most of the periodicals I have read, rather than ending up in the recycle bin, my shelves contain every issue that I have ever received.

Contained within the front and back covers are patterns for a variety of items such as table runners, totes and of course quilts. Along with patterns you may also find helpful tips for general quilting issues as well as personal stories written by the author. If you were to decide to make one of the many patterns, which I’m sure you will, in most cases the pattern instructions include a web address to an on-line tutorial as well as a link to a set of pre-cut fabrics specifically chosen for the project. Of course you are free to choose your own but for those that prefer to skip that step these kits eliminate the guesswork. Here’s a sample.

Part of being human is making mistakes. The Block, since it’s run by humans, is not immune to this phenomena. If and when a mistake is found there is a website address to follow to find the pattern corrections. You may find it here.

Missing from the layout are the annoying advertisements that monopolize most other publications and there are no annoying postcards to fall out as you thumb through the pages.

Every time I receive my quarterly magazine I’m provided with hours of entertainment. From each Block I find at least five patterns I would love to try. Written on the back cover of each magazine are my notations of the quilts I would like to make. Judging by the number of names recorded I think it would have been easier to record the ones I’m not interested in.

So far I’ve purchased fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company for two of the patterns. Unfortunately I haven’t found the time yet to make them. Since I’ve declared 2016 to be my year to SMASH MY STASH it’s very possible they will find their way into my DONE pile. When that day comes I will definitely share my experience here on my blog. Until then why not check out the magazine for yourself.


The words contained within this post, aside from the provided links, are my own. I have not in any way received encouragement from, nor compensation in any form from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I have featured this magazine on my blog simply because I am thoroughly impressed with its content and felt it might be of interest to you.


Cindy Anderson @ In A Stitch Quilting