Smash My Stash # 4: Setting Priorities

Smash My StashPicking up where we left off here, here, and here

Making A List

When I first decided 2016 was going to be my year to begin reducing my inventory (Smash My Stash), I felt it was necessary to make a list of everything I had, categorize it, establish a plan of attack and then return each of the items to storage. My next plan was to share the list with YOU. By the time I had my enormous list of UFPs (unfinished projects) written down I realized it was slightly too large and way to boring to share with anyone but myself. Nobody wants to read a list that extends beyond one hundred items.

One Hundred Weeks or More

With that volume of projects, if I successfully completed one each week, I would have enough to keep me going through all of 2016 and the better part of 2017. For some of the projects a week would be more than enough time to finish. For others a seven-day goal would be way too ambitious.


Even though it didn’t seem so at the time, making the list was much easier than the thought process I went through to prioritize it. Much contemplation went into separating out the things that must get done from the ones that could stand to be moved to the bottom of the list.

At the top and glaringly obvious were:

IMG_3290_NewOne of the blocks in the Heart & Home Quilt

Once those are complete I think I will work on a few of my smaller projects.

If I add up all of the above items the total count comes to fifteen. Fifteen is not a small number.  To start the ball rolling I have chosen to finish Mr. J’s cathedral quilt. See photos below.


IMG_8776Mr. J’s Quilt Top

So glad you decided to come back for round four. Be watching for the next edition in my series Smash My Stash!

Cindy Anderson

Heart & Home: Next Comes the Borders

Heart & Home Quilt

Hours and hours have been invested in my Heart & Home Quilt  by Heart to Hand Patterns I’ve been watching the twelve blocks as they evolved from a pattern in an envelope to fully developed 14 1/2″ square quilt blocks complete with hand applied embellishments.  All twelve blocks are pretty enough to stand on their own yet even more beautiful when combined together.

The Last Stitch was Applied

Late this afternoon I finished the last bit of hand stitching.  Next each of the twelve quilt squares were assembled and stitched into four rows.  The rows were then combined to form a quilt top.  After carefully pressing the entire project I grabbed the quilt, my camera and headed upstairs to take some photos.

The Reveal

I am so proud to share with you my fabulous Heart & Home Quilt top


along with a closeup of one of my favorite squares.


I Can’t Wait

Now I can’t wait to get busy sewing the borders and finally quilting the whole thing on my long arm quilt machine.  This is going to be a spectacular quilt.

I Am Linking Up

It’s Wednesday so it’s time to link up with Freshly Pieced.  I’m so honored to share my post with the other WIP updates.  Make sure you pay a visit to

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

and check out the other wonderful projects.

P.S.  If you are interested in reading about the history of this quilt, browse through my categories and look for Heart and Home under the Quilts I Have Made section.

A Look Back at January

Before I completely say good-bye to January here were some of the highlights

A Lovely Year of Finishes




A Fabric Bundle

IMG_3043 New

Sandy Quilt # 2 Update


The Composition Cover


Heart and Home Quilt Update


Take A Look at This


and This


Sandy Quilt # 2 Finished


Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery


Just imagine, that’s only the highlights!  January was an incredibly busy month.  One can only guess what February holds in store.  I look forward to unfolding its pages.  See you soon!

Heart & Home Quilt Update

Welcome to WIP Wednesday!

I’ve been participating in this online accountability forum since last summer.  Along the way I have shared a plethora of projects.  Some of those items have long since been completed and then again some of them are still hanging around.

One of My Favorites

One of my all-time favorite WIP projects has been by-far the Heart & Home quilt by Heart to Hand.  This lovely wool quilt has been hanging around in my to-do basket since early last year.  Slowly, ever so slowly, I’ve been plodding along.  I’ve had two occasions when I’ve actually spent the better part of an entire day focused solely on this quilt.  The first was during the Madison Modern Quilt Guild‘s sewing day in December and the second was last Sunday.  If my hubby hadn’t been out-of-town the majority of the previous week I probably would have participated in the Madison Modern Quilt Guild’s sewing day on the 19th.  My hubby assured me it I stayed home with him all day Saturday he would afford me a day of uninterrupted sewing on the 20th.

Much Was Accomplished

By the time my hubby had filled our home with the most amazing aroma of home-made chicken soup my day of progress on my Heart & Home quilt had come to a close.  As I switched off the light on my Pfaff sewing machine I paused to admire the almost finished blocks.  All that’s left to do on all but one block is the hand embellishments.  Pictured below are the blocks I worked on.

Block # 6 (Hand stitching left to do)


Block # 7 ( Hand stitching left to do)


Block # 8 (Hand stitching left to do)


Block # 9 (As you can see I still must stitch down the applique pieces)


Block # 10 (Hand stitching left to do)IMG_3290_New

Block # 11 (Hand stitching left to do)


Block # 12 (ALL DONE!!!)


Once I complete the miscellaneous tasks on these blocks I can finally sew them all together.  I can’t wait to make it to that point.  You can be sure I will share an update when that finally happens.  Until then I’ll keep working along.

That’s it For Now

My WIP update is now finished.  I have linked up with Freshly Pieced.  Make sure you visit her blog to see what everyone else has been doing.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


As mentioned in my post of January 3, 2013 one of my goals for this year was to establish and maintain a list of finished and unfinished projects.  Putting together such a list took quite a bit of research.  After rummaging through my stash of patterns, books and kits my scribbled notes were entered into an Excel Spreadsheet.  From that spreadsheet I put together this document.

Periodically throughout 2013 and beyond I hope to update this document.  I will use this resource to hold myself accountable.  My intention is to finish as many items on this list during 2013 as possible.  Hopefully the 2013 finished projects will far outweigh the volume of items I might add during the year.  So without saying anything more here’s the result of my research:

*Quilt Tops Ready for Quilting*

Bear’s Paw Quilt by Eleanor Burns from the TRIO of Treasured Quilts Quilt in a Day Series

Simple Times quilt by American Crib Quilts

*Fabric and Quilt Patterns Purchased For*

Autumn Quilt by Heart To Hand (added 2012)

Christmas Fun by Life’s A Stitch (added 12/2012)

First Year Log Cabin by Acorn Quilts (added 2012)

Heart & Home by Heart To Hand (added 2012)

Snowy Days by Heart To Hand (added 2012)

The Bundling Board by Primitive Pieces (added 2012)

The Log House by Washboard Quilts by Pat at Life’s A Stitch (added 9/2012)

*Quilt Pattern Purchased For*

Cathedral by Villa Rosa Designs (added 2012)

Civil War Battle Series # 2 by Clothesline Quilts

Courthouse Square # 169 by Country Threads

Family * Home * Friends by Cottage Creek Quilts

Full House by Schnibbles at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.  Purchased at Life’s A Stitch.  (added 2012)

In My Folk Art Garden by The Cinnamon Patch.  Purchased in Colorado Springs.  (added October 2012)

Joyful Welcome by Threads That Bind

Martin’s Pennies by Civil War Legacies

Snow Drifts by Hanging by a Thread

Sundance by Villa Rosa Designs (added 7/31/2012)

Tall * Small by Waltzing with Bears (added 2012)

*Fabric and/or Craft Pattern Purchased For*

Chelsea Tote by Lazy Girl

Elf Mittens by Button Stitch Designs.  Purchased from Life’s A Stitch.  (added 2012)

Encore Purse Insert by Studio Kat  3/19/13 Update:  Fabric purchased

Just Swell by Camille Roskelley for Thimble Blossoms.  Sewing Machine Cover (added October 2012)

Little Cupcake Tote by Penny Sturges for Quilts Illustrated.  Purchased from Nanas Quilt Cottage in Colorado Springs.  (added October 2012)

Margo Handbag by Lazy Girl.  Purchased from Life’s A Stitch.  (added 2012)

Patchwork Ironing Board Covers by Cotton Way.  Pattern purchased from Mill House Quilts (added 2012)

Penny Mats thru the Year, January, April and November by Buttermilk Basin.  Purchased from Life’s a Stitch.  (added 2012)

Sunflower Pillow by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms (added 7/31/2012)

Sunny Days Table Runner by Buttons for Hillcreek Designs.  Purchased from Backyard Quilts. (added 2012)

The Sammi Grace Bag by Fishsticks Designs

Tweety Birds by Creative Fiber Expressions (added 7/31/2012)

I also have fabric purchased to make three children’s quilts.  These quilts do not require a pattern.  (Two of these quilts are now finished.  One remains to be quilted.)

*Finished Items*

My Colorado daughter’s king sized quilt (Finished September 2012)

Garden Party Table Runner by Mary Cain.  Pattern purchased from Mill House Quilts.  (Finished 2012)

Hold Anything Bag by Dancing Crane Designs Pattern purchased from Mill House Quilts, fabric purchased from Backyard Quilts (Finished November, 2012)

Sandy Quilt # 1 (Finished January 2013)

Sandy Quilt # 2 (Finished 1/28/2013)

Sandy Quilt # 3 (Finished 2/25/2013)

Sandy Quilt # 4 (Finished 3/17/2013)

Tag Along by This & That.  Purchased from Life’s A Stitch. (added 2012) 3/19/13 Update:  Fabric ordered from Fabricworm.  Finished

May Night from the Pineapple Passion Collection by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan published by That Patchwork Place.  Finished 4/25/2013

Miranda Day Bag by Lazy Girl  3/19/2013 Update:  Fabric purchased 5/6/2013 Update:  Project started  Update:  Project completed 5/28/2013

Two New Quilts to be Quilted

Do you ever feel like your project has become so much a part of your daily routine that you will be sad when it is finished?  That’s how I feel about my Heart & Home quilt by Heart to Hand from Acorn Quilts.  I’ve been slowly plodding away making progress on my quilt.  Because it was intended to be a BOM (Block of the Month) project I guess it’s not unusual that I am still not finished.  Since last week I have been able to cut out the applique pieces for the remaining blocks seven through twelve plus those destined for the borders.  I’ve also lined up the foundation fabrics for each of the blocks and begun piecing them together.  If this were the only project I were working on I most likely would be finished by now.  But because I sandwich its progression in amongst everything else my Heart & Home quilt lingers on.  Here is my most recent photo.

Since last Wednesday I have also taken on two small quilting projects.  The first one is this sweet little hand-made wall hanging constructed by my youngest daughter’s mother-in-law.  She had originally tried quilting it on her own but was dissatisfied with the results so she removed all of the stitching.  My mind has been going crazy day-dreaming about which free motion stitch patterns to use.  Take a look at the quilt.

The second quilting project arrived yesterday.  My oldest daughter stopped by with my youngest granddaughter Miss M to deliver this modern quilt.

She’s been exploring the world of quilting searching for her own direction.  My daughter has dabbled with traditional as well as paper-piecing.  Paper piecing has turned out to be her favorite.  While this quilt is not paper-pieced this is her first completed wall hanging.  She has decided to free-motion quilt her smaller projects on her own leaving the larger ones for me.  We briefly discussed her wish list for the free-motion quilting.  With a visual picture painted in my mind she left her quilt in my possession.  This too should be well under way by next week.  Be sure to stop next week for updates.

I am linking up with Freshly Pieced.

New Fabric

I may not have a lot to show for my efforts this week, but much progress has been made.  I’ve been busily tracing, cutting out and ironing on pattern pieces for the last six blocks of Acorn Quilt’s BOM called Heart & Home  by Heart & Hand.  I couldn’t begin to tell you how many pieces I’ve cut out since starting the project,.  All I know is that’s it’s been piles and piles and piles.  I get so excited when I see the blocks coming together.  I hope before long to have new pictures to share.

Moving on to another topic, I had a wonderful time shopping last Sunday at the Backyard Quilt Shop in Fort Atkinson.  After deciding to close their doors they began offering a 25% discount on everything in stock.  Who could possibly pass up such an opportunity? Obviously I couldn’t.   I was thrilled to find fabrics for two projects.  The first were these fabrics for a small quilt for my littlest granddaughter.

The blue floral will be the main focus.  Surrounding that fabric will be two borders.  First in line will be the cute purple swirled fabric followed by the other purple one.  Bringing up the rear will be the yellow and white specimen.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this all come together.  Constructing the simple quilt should go rather quickly because the strips for the borders as well as the binding have already been cut.  Stay tuned for notations on future progress.

My second bundle of fabric was purchased to make the Sewing Caddy by Gina Allen.

Both fabrics are used in multiple sections of the caddy.  You will either have to use your imagination or wait until I have the organizer finished to see how I apply these fabrics.

Aside from the two bundles of fabric, I also purchased yet another pattern.  This one’s called Sunny Days by Kansas Trouble Quilters.  The pattern is for a 12″ x 49″ table runner with sunflowers.  Passing up this pattern was all but impossible because sunflowers are one of my all-time favorite flowers.  I’ve searched the KT Quilts website for a link to this specific pattern but have been unsuccessful so I guess you will have to check back for updates to see what it looks like.  🙂

That’s about it for this week.  Stop back next Wednesday for more fun at In A Stitch Quilting.

I’ve linked up with Freshly Pieced.

Home Sweet Home

My schedule the past several weeks has been packed with far to many non-quilting tasks.  Not having time to fan the flames of my sewing desire has been very frustrating.  This week I FINALLY had time to sit down and nurture the passion within me.  Loads of progress was made on my Heart and Home Quilt from Heart to Hand.  Take a look . . .

Images from Block Three

Block Number Three All Finished

Row Number One Is Now Finished!  Here’s Blocks One, Two and Three

With all but a few hand-stitching items left on row one, I decided to get started on row two.  This week I traced and cut out all of the pattern pieces for blocks four, five and six.  Pictured here are stacks of leaves as well as two tree trunks.  As you can see there are quite a few.  Between blocks four and six I cut out 78 of them.  I didn’t mind doing it though.  I expect by next week to have these three blocks finished as well.  Let’s hope I’m successful.

This quilt is such a joy to work on.  Watching it unfold and blossom has been so exciting.  The more sections I finish the more I crave the opportunity to continue.

Well that’s my WIP update for this week.  I’d show you my list of WIP projects but not much has changed so I’ll omit that for now.

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced.  Peek in on her blog to catch up with my fellow quilters.  Have a great week!

New Projects

July has been an absolutely crazy month.  Between the 4th of July, vacation as well as a weekend family camping trip we’ve hardly had a chance to breathe.  With the lack of disposable time I’ve gotten ZERO  opportunities to sew, let alone operate my long arm quilting machine.  I am experiencing serious withdrawal pains.  That is until today.  I got to escape from the four walls of my home with my very dear friend Lori Haldeman.  Releasing the two of us from our daily routines can be dangerous.  We can do serious damage to our checkbooks when we get together.

On our list of things to do was a trip to Acorn Quilts, Quilter’s General Store, and Barnes and Noble.  Since no ladies get together would be complete with out a luscious cup of coffee from Starbucks we, of course, added a side trip to Starbucks.  Once our cups were safely stowed in Lori’s van we put the pedal to the metal and headed south to Rockford, Illinois.

The logical beginning via point was Acorn Quilts.  The main purpose of our visit was retrieval of row three’s pattern and wool fabrics for our Heart and Home Quilt by Heart to Hand.  I’m so thrilled with the fabrics.  Take a look . . .  Getting out of Acorn Quilts without exploring every wall, shelf and basket was not going to happen.  Lori and I initially split off and headed in separate directions.  Eventually we migrated back together sharing oo’s and ah’s as we admired the awesome displays.  After sharing a bit of conversation with the shop owner we managed to exit with numerous treasures.

I left Acorn Quilts with this adorable little pattern.  I guess I’m a sucker for penny matts with little chickens.

as well as this postcard pattern

Last but not least I found this sweet bundle of fabric in the clearance basket.

Finding just the right project for these fabulous colors will be a pure joy.

From Acorn Quilts we continued further south to Barnes and Noble.  Lori had dreams of finding an all-in-one day planner suitable for organizing her menus, grocery lists, schedules for her two daughters, husband and herself.  Also on her list was a book for her daughters’ entertainment.  We were so thrilled to find suitable options for all of her needs.  Lucky for me the day planner she chose really caught my eye too.  Because I am an organizational freak I just knew it would be a wonderful addition to my daily arsenal.  We left Barnes and Noble with BIG smiles on our faces.

Quilter’s General Store was not originally on our itinerary but since it was almost across the street, from Barnes and Noble, we couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity.  Quilter’s General Store had recently changed ownership.  A new owner usually means changes are in store.  Driving up to the front of the restored older home we were surprised to find no cars in the parking lot.  Lori and I were concerned that perhaps the shop was not open.  As we drew closer we could see the “Open” sign.  With the parking lot completely empty is was no problem locating a place to park.

In no time we were walking up the sidewalk and turning the vintage knob.  The door swung open with ease.  Immediately we were greeted by the new shop owner.  We had a pleasant, but brief conversation then began our tour.  Quilter’s General Store had bolt after bolt of wonderful fabrics. I chose to select one piece of red wool as well as a pattern for a small table topper.  Adding these two items to my day’s purchases brought me to my limit.  I had no interest in spending additional funds.

We left Quilter’s General Store with smiles on our faces and the feeling of satisfaction with our treasures as well as the moments of friendship we were allowed to share.  I really, really enjoy each and every moment I’m allowed to spend with Lori.  This day was a blessing.

There you have it.  Although I’ve made absolutely no progress on my projects I certainly had a wonderful time adding new ones to my list of things to do.

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced.  Please visit her blog to share in the wonderful projects other quilters are working on.

If you are interested in my ever-growing list of WIP you will find a link here.