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16 Quilts, Are You Crazy!

100 Block Challenge

Are You Crazy!

No! Well, at least I don’t think so. 🤣

I’ve been working diligently at creating each of the blocks in the book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink. I am happy to report that I’ve completed the first 75. I think the last time I talked about them I had just completed block number seven so a lot has happened since.

Time For A Break

After completing block 74 I made the decision to stray, for a while, from my mission to make all 100. The last grouping of blocks I had just completed was slightly more complicated than all the rest. After accomplishing those my brain needed a rest. I was exhausted and needed something else to throw my quilting enthusiasm into.


I maintain a box of orphaned quilt blocks and misfit pieces. Every now and then I pull it out and peer inside to see if anything is calling my name. My recent scrounging reminded me that I still had remnants left from the Courthouse Steps debacle waiting for my attention. I’ve shared stories about these blocks in the past. You will find them listed under the category Courthouse Steps, Block of the Month. Feeling the strong desire to wrap up a few loose ends I chose the remaining remnants for my next project.

Ugly Ducklings

The blocks had been labeled by me as too ugly to be included in AP # 17: The Chosen Nine, AP # 18: Four Friends # 1andAP # 19: Four Friends # 2.

Ugly because I didn’t like them.  They were just too boring for my taste. To make them appealing I had to camouflage their existence. The best way to do that was with a rotary cutter.

Time to Start

One by one I attacked all 6 ugly ducklings with a determination to turn each one into a beautiful swan. The end result created 16 brand new art pieces. All 16 have been quilted and are ready for finishing touches (binding, hanging sleeve and label). I’ll share photos when they are all finished. Until then I will leave you with a a photo of one of my experiments.


Thank You for sharing in my celebration of my newest art pieces! I hope that you will return to watch all 16 unfold.

Talk with you soon!


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Exciting News!

This unique quilt originated way back in the Spring of 2016. I haven’t written much about it for a very special reason. Before I reveal that reason let me share it’s background.

The quilt was made from tiny scraps leftover from a much larger project. Those scraps were surrounded by white cotton then stitched together.

In Motion, Art Piece # 67 Quilt Squares
Block Swap_8
In Motion, Art Piece # 67 The Quilt Top

Wrapping the perimeter is a stylish teal fabric with a flowing floral design.

Block Swap_9

The name In Motion was inspired by the stitch pattern used to quilt it. The zig-zag straight lines create a wave of motion that moves your eye across the surface.

As mentioned above, the mini quilt came into existence in 2016. In May I took it to the Rayna Gillman retreat at Woodland Ridge to share during show and tell.

Several weeks later I received a surprising inquiry about In Motion from Rayna. She was in the process of writing another book and wanted to include a photo of my quilt. The request took me by surprise. I was

  • over-the-top excited,
  • flabbergasted,
  • thrilled
  • shocked
  • amazed,
  • honored

to have my quilt selected.

After completing a stack of documents I made preparations to ship them and my quilt to Rayna. For 6+ months my quilt was in the possession of the publisher.  Late in March of this year Rayna returned my quilt.

Part of our agreement was to keep the book and our arrangement quiet. Refraining from discussion was difficult. Each time I sat down to write a post I thought about the quilt and it’s BIG NEWS.

In Motion
In Motion, Art Piece # 67

Fast forward to July 20, 2017…the day Rayna officially announced her book. This was also the first time I was given permission to share my BIG NEWS. While I would have liked to share it immediately, my summers are extremely busy. Finding time to write a post about anything is difficult. Thus, the extended delay. No matter how long it took to finally put these words into print the news is still relevant, still exciting.

I will receive a free copy of Rayna’s book as compensation for allowing her to include my quilt. I can’t wait to get my copy of  Create Your Own Improv Quilts. The book will be in stores in December 2017. To pre-order a signed copy follow the link on her blog.

Well, that’s my Big News! Can you believe it!!! One of my quilts is actually going to be in a book! Stay tuned for updates