Mystery QAL # 2 Finale

We did it! Mystery QAL # 2 has now come to a close! All the hard work you have been putting into your project should now be ready to be revealed. We have been looking forward to this day for three months. Time now to celebrate!

Here is a list of ladies that participated:

Five Sided Center, AP # 45
Five-Sided Center, AP # 45


Mystery QAL # 2: June Update

The final days of our Mystery QAL are upon us. Woohoo! Let me remind you of the rules.

Mystery QAL # 2 Rules Page

Below is a list of the Mystery QAL # 2 participants:

Now head back to your sewing room. You have a project to get finished. 💃


The Mystery is Over

Now that the end of our second Mystery QAL is just around the bend I decided it was time to share my own project. Over the last three months I have been busy designing, and creating my masterpiece. This wonderful little art quilt originated while exploring the Five-Sided Made-Fabric technique taught by Victoria Findlay Wolfe in her book 15 Minutes of Play.

Late in 2017 I challenged myself to create each of the 32 projects listed in the book. Although my progress has been slow, I have enjoyed and learned a lot from each of the sections.

Creating my own fabric from scraps is a technique I have used many times. I have not, however, tried Victoria’s version. On pages 40-41 she provides directions for a Five-Sided Made-Fabric. As the name suggests, each of the blocks begins with a five-sided center.

Using the QAL designated fabric,

English Tea
Collection: English Tea Pattern: Tea Flowers Color: Tomato Item #: 91329 Vendor: Connecting Threads

along with scraps from my overflowing bins, I fashioned together nine blocks. All nine were then combined to create an art piece I have called Five-Sided Center. Art Piece # 45 measures 23 1/4” x 23 1/4”.

My new art piece was sandwiched with a layer of Warm & Natural batting and a cotton fabric backing. I quilted my piece on my conventional sewing machine using a variegated thread and a geometric straight-line pattern. The raw edges of Five Sided Center are protected by a facing. A hanging sleeve and label were added to the back.

This is my Mystery QAL art piece.

Five Sided Center, AP # 45
Five-Sided Center, AP # 45

Thank you so much for visiting today! I hope that you have enjoyed reading about and seeing my latest art piece.