Smash My Stash: Bye Bye UFO’s

Smash My Stash

Followers of my blog are well aware of my desire to “Smash My Stash,” also known as finish as many projects as possible. After experiencing my rebirth from quilter to creator of art quilts I felt a tugging to re-address my stash.

I took a look around my studio at the UFO’s (unfinished objects) as well as the list I had assembled earlier this year. While the stacks of patterns I had once thought worthy enough to make, let alone purchase, had maintained their place in my list of things to do, I thought much differently about them now. The loyalty/obligation I had felt to follow through was fading fast. Their presence on my list felt like a burden. One that haunted me every day.

In order to release those ties I had to make a decision. Leave them on the list or set them free. After drawing in a deep breath and slowly exhaling I made my decision. It was time to bring out the axe and whack off the projects that no longer spoke to me.

One by one I pulled out the totes that held the patiently waiting bundles of patterns and designated fabrics.

With gusto I separated them from one another, organizing them into two different piles. Item after item was released from my guilt-driven UFO stash.

The whole process was absolutely liberating. Sure there was a small sense of remorse at the amount of money I had expended on patterns (I will have to coach myself every time I enter a fabric store to not purchase new ones) but I look at it this way, I won’t just throw them away. They will probably remain on a shelf, for a time. Then perhaps they will be donated to a guild or some other interested party.

By the time I had revisited each of my UFO’s I had a large pile of patterns on one side and a huge stack of fabric on the other. The patterns were placed in a basket. The fabrics were added to my stash.

My list of things to do had shrunk exponentially. Remaining were a few kits I had acquired to make quilts or wall hangings as well as my Mom’s UFO’s.

Their permission to continue to reside there is tentative. Who knows whether their fabric will be harvested for other projects or not. For now they have been spared.

So what happened to the fabrics that had been released? I’ll save that for another time.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my post. I hope you found it to be a worthwhile experience. I look forward to your return visit. If you have the time, before leaving, leave me a comment and let me know how I am doing.

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First Year Quilt: Part Five – The Finale

A quilt from start to finish takes innumerable hours, resources and patience. The quilt I’m sharing with you today was purchased in 2013 from a shop, which is no longer in business, called Acorn Quilts. I’ve absolutely enjoyed piecing it together; watching it blossom from fabric strips in a package

IMG_5117to a finished quilt.

The quilt, known as the First Year Quilt, was finished in May. With so many activities and obligations on my calendar the quilt has had to wait patiently for this day to arrive. Rather than bore you with any more details, you may read about those by following the links at the bottom of this page, I will now share with you my finished product.


First_Year_Quilt_2My Favorite Block in the First Year Quilt


First_Year_Quilt_4First Year Quilt Top


First_Year_Quilt_6Back of First Year Quilt

Well there it is! After only three years it has finally been added to my finished quilts list. I hope you have enjoyed following along with this saga. If you missed a few steps along the way here are the promised links.

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I look forward to your return visit.

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Miss M’s Quilt is Finished

After months and months of work I’m happy to report that a quilt for Miss M. has also been finished. I’ve been busily applying finishing touches to as many of my own projects as possible. As is usually the case my things are set aside to make way for customer quilts. Miss M’s was one of those.

Delivery of this quilt took place on the same day and in the same fashion as Miss L’s. Miss M was of course over-the-top excited to receive her very own Nana quilt. After making the delivery her mother shared that she could be seen walking around the house with the quilt draped around her.

How special to have had the opportunity to make a quilt for her. I just know she will be thrilled with it for years to come.

Please enjoy the following photos

Miss M Quilt RevealMiss M

Miss M QuiltMiss M’s Quilt

Miss M Quilt BackThe Back of Miss M’s Quilt

Miss M Quilt Stitch SampleFlowers for Miss M

Miss M PillowSweet Dreams Miss M

Miss L and Miss M with QuiltsAll Smiles!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


Miss L’s Quilt is Finished

I’m very happy to report that Miss L’s quilt has finally come to completion. Many, many hours, loads of stitches and lots of love went into the quilts creation. If you are curious about the journey it took from start to finish you may read about it here, here and here.

With the quilt finally finished it was time to decide when and how she would receive it. I tossed around various options; then ultimately decided to give it to her before setting out for my Creating Free-Form Quilts retreat.

Plans were made with her mother to meet at a park. The “aledged” purpose was to enlist the assistance of my grandchildren to photograph what they thought were quilts meant for other people.

When I arrived at the park they were actively playing on the playground equipment. Once they discovered I was there they came running over to greet me.

The quilts were safely packed inside plastic bags secured with a fabric bow. Each quilt was carefully removed from its bag and stretched out on a bed sheet that had been placed on the grass. The sheet would protect the quilts from getting dirty.

My grandchildren, at this point, still had no idea they were the lucky recipients. As I snapped photo after photo I turned over one of the corners revealing a quilt label. The expression on their faces, as reality began to sink in, was priceless.

Of course each one of them was very excited to receive a quilt. There was one child that overwhelmingly expressed her satisfaction, and that was Miss L. I know this because her mother shared with me the comment she made as they drove away. Miss L said,

I always hoped that Nana would make me a quilt. She makes such nice quilts. :o)

How special to hear those sweet words!

Pictured below are photos of Miss L’s quilt along with a pillow that I made from leftover fabric.

Miss L Quilt Delivered

All Smiles!

Miss L Quilt Overview

Miss L’s Quilt

Miss L Quilt Swirls Swirls on Miss L’s Quilt

Miss L Quilt PaisleyPaisley’s on Miss L’s Quilt

Miss L Quilt FlowerA Flower for Miss L

Miss L Pillow

Sweet Dreams!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


Mr. B

Last Fall we learned that we would once again be grandparents. We were overjoyed at the prospect of adding another grandchild to our family. Since I had made quilts for my other grandchildren it only seemed natural to plan and create a quilt for this child as well.

I chose the same pattern that I used for the other quilts, Cathedral by Villa Rosa Designs.  The fabrics were a joint venture by my daughter and myself. This is what we selected.

Baby M Quilt

My intention was to complete the project before the new grand-baby arrived. I did after all have, give or take, eight months to meet my goal. Unfortunately, as the saying goes

the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry

Robert Burns

and go awry mine did. On July 6th our newest bundle of joy came into this world. While I am absolutely overjoyed that Mr. B has joined our family I am sad to report that his quilt hasn’t even been started. I’m certain though that the absence of a completed quilt from Nana has not even crossed his mind. He won’t even be able to acknowledge that one does or does not exist for quite some time.

Looks like I better get rolling!

Please give a warm welcome to my newest grandson Mr. B

Mr. B

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


A Quilt for Mr. J is Finished

How nice to finally be able to say that Mr. J’s quilt is finally finished! The journey began back in the summer of 2015. Who knew it would take so long? Links to the journey can be found here Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Here’s the final reveal:

Mr Js Quilt RevealMr Js Quilt Stitching

After adding the last stitch to the binding and label I made it my mission to use up the remaining scraps and fabric by making a pillow. The fiberfill insert I had purchased several years ago. Rather than leave it sitting on my shelf I decided to let it determine the size of the final product.

From the scraps I was able to create a pillow cover using an envelope pattern. Here’s the final product.

Mr Js Pillow

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting



Smash My Stash # 6: Mr. J’s Quilt

Smash My StashMajor progress was made on Mr. J’s quilt. As was mentioned in a previous post, the quilt’s backing and binding, both created from an orange fabric with cross hatching, were assembled.  I’ve also had time to stitch together the quilt sandwich using a geometric meandering pattern, add the binding as well as a label.

Left to do are the hand stitching on the binding and label as well as the construction of a pillow with the quilt’s remaining scraps.

Here’s a sneak peek


As soon the remaining tasks have been wrapped up I will share the final details. In the meantime if you are interested in reading about the quilt’s history you may find more information here and here.

Have a pleasant day!

Cindy Anderson at In A Stitch Quilting

Smash My Stash # 5: Abundant Progress

Smash My StashI have been very, very busy; so busy that blogging has taken a back seat. I have poured all of my efforts into making progress on my own quilts. Piled on my table are three quilts for grandchildren, a log cabin quilt and two smaller items along with a quilt of my daughter’s. All of them have been patiently waiting for their opportunity to be quilted on my long arm quilt machine.

Here’s what I have accomplished:

Quilt backs and bindings were made for

Mr. J’s Quilt (you may read about the quilt here and here)


Miss L’s quilt (you may read about her quilt here and here)


Miss M’s quilt (you may read about her quilt here)

IMG_9159_newI also put together a back for a quilt that I have adopted, and made modifications to a mini quilt I had previously made. More about those items to come in future posts.

That’s all for now!


Smash My Stash # 5: Mom’s Unfinished Quilts

Smash My Stash

My Mom is getting on in years. For some time now she has been methodically sorting through her sewing studio removing anything and everything she no longer cares to maintain or finish. Each time I visit her she has piles of collectibles, crafts, and magazines waiting for me to browse.


After hauling home several boxes of items my spouse expressed his wish that I no longer bring things home. Before receiving that moratorium I brought with me two baskets containing the beginnings of five different quilts. All were in varying degrees of completion. Among the projects I found.

  1. Pam’s Nine Patch Garden By Waltzing with Bears
  2. An American Flag Picnic Quilt Throw
  3. Harvest Melody Quilt by Pat Koltz and Lisa Ippolito
  4. French Garden Quilt by Crab Apple Hill
  5. Stars & Stripes Table Quilt by Joan Karagovoorian

Because the quilts were purchased and started by my Mother I feel the need to see them through to completion. Be watching for updates as I tackle each item.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting